Pros and Cons of Different Chair Materials

Choosing a perfect chair is a difficult task, let alone selecting the chair material. When looking for an office chair then there are so many options available for its material as well. Each option has its different qualities be it leather, vinyl, or fabric, so which one should you choose?


So, to narrow down your choices, you need to look at the pros and cons of different chair materials, including durability, price, and comfort. Other factors such as your personal preference and the amount of space in your working area will also matter.

Different Chair Materials:

mesh chairs

Mesh Chair:

Mesh chairs are breathable chairs that have a mesh filter seat. These types of chairs are plentiful in the summer months. However, mesh chairs do not have a durable design like other types of chairs. It starts sagging faster compared to another chair. It is also argued that mesh chairs are not as comfortable as other chair materials such as leather and fabric.


leather chairs

Leather Chairs:

Leather chairs are known for their stylish look and their comfort. They are undoubtedly more durable than mesh chairs. The thick padding in office chairs allows you to work for longer hours and gives excellent support to your lower back. Leather chairs are difficult to maintain.


The quality of leather matters a lot. If it is made up of fine quality leather, it will last longer than synthetic leather. Also, a leather chair needs to be protected from the sunlight. The cleaning of the leather chair is again a difficult task, and the leather chair needs cleaning every once in a while.


Fabric Chairs

Fabric Chairs

Fabric chairs are mainly used as another comfortable and low-maintenance chair type. They are a wide variety of colors. The significant advantage of a fabric chair is the comfortable back that provides support to your lower back, just like the leather chair.

The major drawback of a fabric chair is that it does not allow the air to pass as freely as the other office chair, and it also holds moisture and odor in it. Therefore, it has to be kept in an environment that is less humid and odorless. You need to be very careful while drinking coffee or tea because it can spill on your chair and then give an odor after it.


Vinyl chairs

Vinyl chairs

Vinyl chairs are known for their rich and attractive look. One of the most remarkable things about vinyl chairs is that they can be cleaned very quickly, as we have mentioned that all other chair types are challenging to clean.

One of the significant drawbacks of vinyl chairs is that it is not as breathable as a mesh chair. Vinyl chairs are not as good as genuine leather chairs.


Plastic Chairs

Plastic chairs

Plastic chair is mass-produced chairs which come in many colors. The best thing about these chairs is the price and the maintenance. The manufacturing cost of these chairs is relatively low.


The major drawback of plastic chairs is that they are not very durable and are difficult to repair. If they are placed on the lawn or in an open environment, they can quickly blow away. Another drawback of plastic chairs is that they can not be altered.


Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs

Next in line is the rocking chairs. Rocking chairs are known for their relaxing back support, which is great to relax and spend some quality time. It is also great for back support and gives gentle exercise to your body.

Studies have shown that rocking chairs’ design and features help fight mental and physical health-related issues. The rocking chairs have a competitive price because the material used in them is cheaper.

The major drawback of rocking chairs is that the deep-seated chairs irritate the knees and hip joints. Hence they contribute to hip diseases such as femoroacetabular impingement.

What is the best material for a chair?

When choosing the best material, the following factors should be in our heads before shortlisting the suitable material. These factors are:

1. Feel of the Material

Comfort is always the key to choosing the best of the best. You need to find the material that does not give you an itchy feeling.

2. Easy to Clean

As mentioned above, some chair types are easy to clean, such as vinyl chairs and mesh chairs, whereas the leather and fabric chair types are challenging to clean.

3. Durability of the Material

Durability is critical for long-term use. An expensive and low-quality chair will not give the correct value for your money. We have mentioned that some of the chairs mentioned above are more durable than the others.

4. Budget

We have a very tight budget most of the time, so we look for material that gives excellent value to our money. The preferences can change by changing the budget.

5. Work Environment

Some chairs can easily be damaged in a hot and humid environment; therefore, every chair is made for a specific domain. If it is hot and humid, you may need to look for a mesh chair, and if it is cold and dry, then a vinyl or leather chair should be your priority.


1. What is the most durable material for an office chair?

Ans: Every chair has a different material and design features. That’s why some chairs are more durable than others. Vinyl chairs are the most durable office chair materials on our list, followed by plastic and wooden chairs. The leather and mesh chairs are the least durable chairs.

2. What is the most durable fabric for upholstery?

Ans: Microfiber is the most durable fabric for upholstery, but you need to ensure that it is 100% polyester; otherwise, it will stain and fade away. Microfibers are also very easy to clean.

To wrap up, each chair has its material quality, and you can choose the right one by deciding on the above-mentioned factors. You can shortlist according to preference, budget, and office environment to find the best office chair material.


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