Remove Staples from a Chair

Manufacturers use staples to hold the fabric to the frame of the chair. It is an easy and convenient way of working on upholstery. They are small and get concealed very easily.

But when you need to take out the staples to change the fabric or the cushion, it becomes a daunting task. But no more because this guide will tell you how to remove staples from a chair and furniture?

Staple guns are widely used in the making of furniture. They are used to put the upholstery to the frame of the chair, sofa, or any other furniture.

These staple guns use staples of 10mm, 12mm, or 15 mm which are larger and more heavy-duty than normal staples pins used on paper. It takes some effort to remove these types of staple pins from upholstery.

Changing the fabric of your favorite floor chair or executive chair takes some effort and time but it is worth it.

We will tell you two easy ways to remove the staples from a chair or furniture. 

ways to Remove Staples from a Chair
Ways to Remove Staples from a Chair

Ways to remove Staples from a Chair

Method No-1- Using Tools

Tools required-

A Mallet Hammer, a Staple remover, and a pair of Pincers.

Mallet Hammer- A mallet hammer has a rubber head instead of a metalhead as in the case of a regular hammer. It is for softer impacts and which will not leave any marks on the furniture we are working on.

A Staple Remover- A staple remover has a two-pronged head and a base for grip. 

Pincers- A pair of pincers is a useful tool and works in many instances to pull things like nails, pins, etc.

tools to Remove Staples from a Chair
Tools to Remove Staples from a Chair

These 3 tools are very common and can be found at home easily. 

How to do it?

The next step is to put your chair upside down where you can see the staples. Use the staple remover prongs to get inside the staple, and use the mallet hammer to give a few strokes, now once the prongs are in just twist the remover this will pull the staples out of the fabric. 

Use the pincers to pull out the staples from the chair. Now do this for all the staples. Some staples may break or are already broken while making, use the pincers to pull them out. You can also strike them with a hammer so that your hands don’t get hurt while working on the furniture.

Method No-2- Without any Tools

This method doesn’t require any special tools rather than a butter knife. Flip the furniture where you can see the staples. Use a butter knife or any kitchen knife to put it underneath the staples.

Give it some gentle force to get underneath and twist the knife. This will pull out the staple from the wooden frame. Use your hand to support the knife while pulling the staple completely. 

Repeat the same process for removing all the staples, this is quite easy and doesn’t hurt or damage the fabric.

If any staple is broken then just put the knife underneath the staple and twist the other way with your hand on top of the knife. If it is broken from the right-hand side then twist towards the left-hand side.

What is the easiest way to remove furniture staples from wood?

The easiest way to remove furniture staples is to use a staple remover. There are a few types of staple removers available in the market like a Heavy-duty staple puller/remover, Nail tack remover, and rivet pullers. Use a staple remover that is designed for upholstery only.

Other magnetic and claw staple removers are ideal for removing staples from papers, notebooks but not from upholstery.

Is there a tool to remove staples from furniture?

Yes, there are multiple tools available in the market to remove staples from the furniture. Use a heavy-duty staple remover or nail tack remover that is specifically made for staple removal from upholstery.

You can also use a kitchen knife or butter knife to pull staples and use a pincer to pull them completely.

How do you remove heavy-duty staples?

Use a mallet hammer(hammer with a rubber head), a staple remover, and a pincer to remove heavy-duty staples. These staples are big and are 10mm, 12mm, or 15mm. 

How do you get broken staples out of wood?

Staples are made of Galvanised fine wire and they have a high chance of breaking while using. While removing the staples if you found any staple that is broken from one end just pull it out with the help of a pincer.

Another way is to take a butter knife put it underneath the staple and twist it to the other side which is not broken. If the right-hand side is broken twist the knife towards the left side. Use your fingers on top to support the knife.

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