Staples Mcallum Vs Staples Rutherford Luxura Manager Chair

The importance of a good office chair is essential for managers as it plays a vital role in their productivity at work. A chair that has the right ergonomics, comfort, and a good design has a lot to do with enhancing the overall quality of life of a manager.

Here we will look at the features, specifications, and benefits of a highly reputed manager chair from staples. We will review the two most popular managers’ chairs from staples. The Staples Mcallum vs Staples Rutherford Luxura manager chair.

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Staples Rutherford Vs Staples Mcallum-In a Nutshell

Staples Mcallum

Staples Rutherford

FeaturesStaples McallumStaples Rutherford
Chair Dimensions44”(H)x28.1”(W)x31.3(D)44.8”(H)x27.4”(W)x29.8(D)
Chair MaterialThe upholstery of Mcallum is made from Real Bonded leather.The upholstery of Rutherford is made from Faux leather.
Maximum HeightThe maximum height is 44 inches.The maximum height is 44.8 inches.
HeadrestThickly padded in-built headrest for more comfort.Thinly padded in-built headrest.
Seating comfortMcallum chair is wider and has more depth which is ideal for bulky persons.Rutherford chair is less wide and deep than mcallum and ideal for people with a standard size.
ArmrestsFull Armrests with thick padding on top.Full Armrests with thin padding on top.
Weight Load capacityThe weight load capacity is 275 lb or 125 kg.The weight load capacity is 275 lb or 125 Kg.
Weight44.7 pounds or 20 Kg35.5 pounds or 16 Kg

Detailed comparison of Staples Mcallum Vs Staples Rutherford Luxura Manager Chair

Let’s look at the in-depth detail of the comparison between Staples Mcallum Bonded leather Managers chair vs Staples rutherford Luxura manager chair. We will compare these two chairs based on their dimensions, color, material, features, and movement type.

1. Dimensions:

Staples Mcallum Managers Chair:

The Staples Mcallum Managers Chair is a comfortable chair with deep seats and good support for the back. Let’s look at the dimensions of this comfy chair.

The overall dimensions of the Mcallum Managers chair are 44 Inches in Height x 28.1 inches in Width and  31.3 inches in Depth.

The minimum height of the chair is 44 Inches & the height of the chair can be increased to a maximum Height (Inches) is 47.8. The depth of the chair is just slightly over 31.3 inches and the width is 28.3 inches. So bigger, bulkier people can use this manager’s chair without any problem.

Rutherford Luxura Managers Chair:

The Rutherford Luxura Managers Chair gives ultimate comfort with a traditional look. The overall design of the chair is meant to give a pleasant seating experience for a longer period of time.

The dimensions of the Rutherford managers chair are 44.8 Inches in Height x 27.4 inches in Width and  29.8 inches in Depth.

2. Frame & Material:

Staples Mcallum Managers Chair:

The body and frame of the Staples Mcallum chair are made from Steel and hard plastics. The seat is padded with quality foam and covered with real bonded leather.

Rutherford Luxura Managers Chair:

The body, base, and cylinder of the Staples Rutherford chair are made from steel and high-quality hard plastics. The seat and the armrest are padded with foam and covered with faux leather.

If you are not sure about which leather is best for a chair you can follow the guide here.
What are the Differences Between Real, Bonded, and Faux Leather?

3. Arm Rest and Head Rest

Staples Mcallum Managers Chair:

The armrests in Staples Mcallum chair are thickly padded for that extra comfort and the arms are extended to give you that extra reach while typing or working on the desk. The headrest is built-in to the chair unlike Staples Dexley or Staples Tarrance chairs where they have a detachable headrest.

The headrest is ergonomically designed to support your head and neck while working on your desk.

Rutherford Luxura Managers Chair:

The armrests of Staples Rutherford have thinner padding as compared to Mcallum. But they are extended to support your arm and your soldiers while at work. The headrest is also built-in and leans to the front to give better support to the head and neck while seating.

4. Ergonomics

Staples managers’ chairs are known to have superior ergonomic designs and functions.

Staples Mcallum Managers Chair:

The staples Mcallum chair has a high back design with extended lumbar support that holds the entire back of a person. The thick, comfortable, and sturdy padded design with bonded leather finish support and holds the body comfortably.

The seat and back of the chair are designed with contoured cushions for the extra support body requires while seating for a longer period of time.

The armrests are extended and thickly padded so they can support the arms and the shoulders while you work at your desk writing or typing on the computer. The built-in headrest is thickly padded and supports the head well.

Every persona has different requirements in a chair, shorter ones look for more height while taller ones look for a standard or below standard height. The staples Mcallum chair has the best height adjustable feature. You can raise or lower the chair by pulling the knob. The maximum height you can set is 17.7 inches while the minimum height is 21.4 inches.

You can set the chair at your required angle with the tilt and lock mechanism. The seat of the chair is wide and deep enough to fit bigger or bulkier people.

Rutherford Luxura Managers Chair:

The staples rutherford is a comfortable chair with a traditional design. The seat and back of the chair are padded with a soft cushion to support the back and the body of the person seating. It has a tall back design with lumbar support for a comfortable seating experience. 

The arms are full and padded with soft cushions to support your arms. The headrest is built-in to the chair and supports the head and neck well.

You can raise or lower the height of the chair from 17.7 inches minimum to 21.4 inches maximum. The 29.8 inches deep and 27.4 inches wide seat is good enough to hold big people.

5. Weight Capacity:

Both Mcallum and Rutherford chairs have the capacity to hold weight up to 275 lb or 125 kg.

6. Chair Casters

The chair casters for both the chairs are made from durable plastic material. They easily glide over any surface like Carpet or Hard Floor.

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