Staples Dexley vs Hyken

When we look for office chairs we think about ergonomics, comfortability, wider seats, reclining positions, and many other features.

Staples Dexley and Hyken are two office mesh chairs that are ideal for office or home office setups. Both chairs have great functionality but they have their differences also. 

These two chairs are among the most popular ones on the market today, and they both have their pros and cons. To make the decision easier for you, we’ve provided you with a breakdown of some of the standard features of these products below.

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Let’s look at the comparison of Staples Dexley vs Hyken office chairs.

Staples Dexley

Staples Hyken

Staples Dexley Vs Hyken Mesh Office Chairs

Feature or BenefitStaples HykenStaples Dexley
Ideal forSmall to average size People, Shorter than 5 feet 10 inchesTaller and Bigger People, Above 5 feet 10 inches
ReclinerReclines up to 140 degreesIt also reclines up to 140 degrees
Recliner Lock-inIts reclined back can be locked in that positionNo reclined lock-in feature is available
Lumbar SupportYes but for shorter peopleYes and fits people of all sizes
Seat Dimensions27.1 Inches Depth and 27.2 Inches Width28.2 Inches Depth and 28.6 Inches Width
Chair Height49.7 Inches 50.8 inches
ArmrestsNarrow armrestsWider Armrests
Armrest AdjustmentRigid and difficult to adjust while seatingSofter armrests and easier to adjust
LegroomNarrow legroomMore legroom
Wheels or CastersLittle cheap wheelsBigger and better wheels
Levers2 levers for lock-in and going up and down1 lever to go up and down and reclining
MeshMesh all around the seatMesh is stitched to plastic at the ends
Seat PaddingFoam padding underneath mesh seatsFoam padding underneath mesh seats
ColorCharcoal Gray, Black, and MaroonOnly Black
HeadrestOnly TiltsGoes up and down and tilts
Weight Load Capacity275 Pounds275 pounds
Staples Dexley vs Hyken


Though both the chairs are made from mesh fabric still Dexley chair has mesh stitched to plastic at the side edges, unlike Hyken where the mesh is all around the seat.

The mesh seat has foam padding underneath for both chairs.

staples dexley mesh office chair

Who can Use: 

Hyken is ideal for shorter and average size people that are less than 5 feet 10 inches otherwise you will feel a shortage of legroom, seat space, the headrest is touching your neck instead of your head, and much more.

Dexley is built for taller and bigger people who are above 5 foot 11 inches or 6 feet. You will see a lot of legroom, seat space, and armrests.


Hyken has narrow armrests that can be adjusted vertically but not with ease. Its padding is more rigid.

Dexley’s armrests are quite wide and fit bulky people. Some people like to seat with legs crossed and Dexley gives enough room to stretch out. It has softer armrests and can be adjusted easily while seating.

Levers and Functions:

Hyken has got two levers to adjust the chair’s height and another one to recline and lock in the chair’s reclined position.

Dexley has only got one lever to adjust the chair height and recline the chair. It doesn’t have a recliner lock-in feature.

Chair Dimension:

The maximum height of the Hyken chair is 49.7 inches while the dexley is 50.8 inches tall. The seat width and depth of the Hyken chair are 27.1 inches and 27.2 inches respectively. 

The seat width of the Dexley chair is 28.2 inches and 28.6 inches respectively.

Chair Casters:

The Dexley chair’s casters are bigger and better than the Hyken chair. Both are suitable for carpets and hard floors.


Dexley has better headrests that go up and down and also tilt forwards and backward but Hyken chair’s headrest only tilts.

Color Options:

Hyken is available in 3 color options Black, Charcoal Gray, and Maroon whereas Dexley is only available in Black color.


Both chairs have their strengths and weaknesses and are built for different uses. The Dexley chair is a chair that is worth the price for taller and bulkier people while Hyken is fit for shorter or average people. 

The mesh back and foam seat help to keep your back cool and comfortable while you work. Both are great chairs for any office setting.

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