tilt tension in office chairs

Traditional chairs do not provide proper back support. That’s why people working a long time in front of the computer usually complain of pains in the back, neck, and other body parts.

Fortunately, Ergonomic chairs were developed to provide complete support to the back of your body while working long hours sitting in one place. So, it reduced the backache problem drastically.

People usually purchase ergonomic chairs for a good seating experience but don’t know much about their components and how they work. Tilt tension in office chairs is an essential feature of an ergonomic office chair.

The article discusses what is tilt tension in office chairs and what it is for in detail.

So, keep reading this article to learn about essential mechanisms like tilt tension and tilt lock, which you can use while working for comfort and relaxation.

What Is Tilt Tension, And What Is It For?

Most office chairs have a mechanism that allows the user to adjust the “tilt tension.” This refers to how much force is required to lean back in the chair.

For example, if the tilt tension is set too low, the chair may feel like it’s going to tip over when you lean back. On the other hand, if the tilt tension is set too high, the chair may be difficult to lean back in.

The ideal setting for tilt tension will vary from person to person, so it’s important to experiment with different settings to find what works best for you.

The tilted part enables you to move forward and backward or recline on an ergonomic chair. But do you know from where the tension comes?

There is a tilt knob located on the side or bottom of the office chair. To increase the tension or resistance, you have to rotate the knob counterclockwise. But if you want less tension or resistance, you need to rotate the knob clockwise.

In short, the tilt tension allows a person sitting on the ergonomic chair to decide how much force he needs to recline for comfort.

The tilt tension mechanism entirely depends on the height and weight of a person using the ergonomic chair.

For instance, you need tighter tilt tension if your weight is heavy with a tall height. But if your weight is light with a short height, we recommend you to have lighter tilt tension.

But remember, if the tilt tension is too tight, you may be unable to tilt on your ergonomic chair. On the other hand, if the tilt tension is set too light, you will always go backward.

So, we will always advise you to adult the tilting mechanism properly; otherwise, it will affect your posture and the spinal cord’s curve. A too much leaning chair can be problematic. You may have backache problems if you don’t adjust the tilt tension properly.

Advantages Of Tilt Tension

  • You can enjoy a rocking sensation while sitting on an ergonomic chair and when the tilt tension is set correctly.
  • Your body will have good movement, and hence the circulation of your body increases.

How To Adjust Tilt Tension in Office Chairs?

Adjust tilt tension

If you need to tighten the tilt tension, then you need to rotate the knob counterclockwise. Similarly, if you want to loosen the tilt tension, then rotate the knob clockwise. Keep rotating the knob until you achieve the proper tension according to weight and height.

Tilt Tension Vs Tilt Lock

#1. Benefits

Tilt lock will allow you to lock your backrest and seat on a fixed reclining position on an ergonomic chair. 

tilt tension vs tilt lock

The recommended reclining angle is usually between 110 -135 degrees. So, if you have a tilt function on your office chair, then you can adjust yourself manually in between the recommended degrees for reclining.

You can tilt lock your office chair comfortably on a particular reclining position and attend calls or read books. It keeps you in a specific position without spending extra energy.

But if we talk about tilt tension, it is a knob that can amplify or reduce the force required for tilting an ergonomic chair. You cannot use the knob to set your back in a particular reclining position.

So, your body undergoes good movement, and hence you have good blood circulation in your body.

Here are a few Ergonomic Office Chairs with Tilt seats on Amazon.

#2. Working

Adjust tilt tension & tilt lock lever
Adjust tilt tension & tilt lock lever

If you want to set your back in a particular reclining position, there will be a paddle on the side of the chair. You need to keep the pedal down and lock the backrest.

In some office chairs, there will be a lever. You need to slide in to tilt lock your office chair in a particular reclining position. Again when you need to unlock it, you need to take the lever out, and you will be out of that position.

Now, if we talk about tilt tension, there is a knob underneath your office chair. You have to turn it clockwise or anticlockwise to adjust the chair’s tension. 


Tilt tension and tilt lock are two essential features of an office chair. You need to understand how they work and their benefits while using an office chair. It will even help you keep your posture correctly while working for long hours in front of the computer. 

We thank you for reading this article, and if you have any queries related to the tilt tension in office chairs and tilt locks, you can ask in the comment section. We will be happy to answer your queries.

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