Common Bad Postures

Sometimes, when you have a lot of workloads or working for long hours in your office then you constantly sit in one type of posture. You must have felt it after finishing your work because you were lost so much in your work that you did not even realize it.

This practice although seems less important to us but if done for a longer time, results in painful back problems. It will need regular checkups and medication to control the problem in the last stages. In this piece, you will find common bad postures, their negative effects on your body, and easy solutions to fix them.

What are the Common bad Postures?

Before we go into fixing these postural problems, we first need to identify these postures. You should also know that you may very well have one or a maximum of two types of posture problems at one time


Lordosis or Lumbar Lordosis refers to an increase in the normal curvature of the lower spine and it usually affects the lower back. There is another condition called hyperlordosis which is a bit of an extreme condition of the same disease.

Lordoisis posture
Lordoisis Posture

Our pelvis (base shape structure that supports the spinal column) is tilted a bit in the forward direction and it increases the shape of the curve.


In this condition, the pelvis is shifted in the forward direction. This problem seems a bit like hyperlordosis but there is one slight difference between the two. In Swayback, the lumbar spine is more flattened.

Swayback Posture
Swayback Posture


Kyphosis as the name suggests is the increase in the normal curve of the thoracic spine. The shoulder blades are spread further apart. There are many other natural causes of Kyphosis such as malnutrition or some congenital disease etc.

Kyphosis Posture
Kyphosis Posture


This is a straightened version of a swayback. Unlike swayback, the spine is not that much toned down.

Flatback Posture

 This disease is also known as text neck. In this posture problem, the head is tilted a bit more in the forward direction. Some people have a slightly inappropriate walking problem; they walk with a forward head. This posture can result in Lordosis as well.


This is one of the most serious forms of posture problems faced by many and in this type the spine is twisted. The shoulder positions are also uneven.

Scoliosis Spine
Scoliosis Spine

This disease can be present during baby formation or can be acquired with time. Still, there are some unknown reasons associated with this disease that are not fully explored by medical sciences.

Elevated shoulder

This happens by playing a certain type of sport for a longer period of time and it results in a muscular imbalance which causes this problem. The shoulders are shrugged permanently in an elevated position

Elevated Shoulder
Elevated Shoulder

Depressed shoulders

This is the opposite of elevated shoulders. Asymmetrical sports such as tennis, basketball balls, and golf can result in uneven shoulder problems. The shoulder as the problem itself suggests is slightly in a downward position.

Depressed Shoulder
Depressed Shoulder

Negative effects of poor posture:

Posture starts from being “not so important” to acute back problems which almost become unbearable at one point. Therefore, it is very important to understand the negative effects caused by these problems.

  • Severe arthritis:

When you constantly have bad postures for a longer period, the alignment of your body parts change. It results in excessive load at one body part and less load at the other.

The part which experiences more weight pressure results in swelling and in extreme cases de shaping. This is called arthritis. In its extreme case, arthritis causes so much swelling in the over swollen body part that it becomes difficult to perform daily tasks.

  • Poor blood circulation

Our body has a very sophisticated type of circulation system in which blood which has oxygen in it moves through each part of the body, takes carbon dioxide out of it, and supply oxygen to it.

When we sit for a longer time in a particular posture, then the circulation in the closed part gets very poor. A very common symptom of this problem is loss of sense for few minutes in the less circulated part.

  • Increased pessimism

Another very interesting, but negative effect of poor posture is negative mood. When you sit on a chair for a longer period such as two to three hours then your mind starts to pour out some negative feelings as well.

Therefore, it is always advised to take a break of 5_10 minutes in a long meeting or crack some joke which could help to change your posture.

  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

This is another very acute kind of problem caused by bad posture. The nerves which are present in your spine control the movement of your arms. So, when back nerves are constantly stressed, the muscles are also tightened and it results in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

How to fix pad posture problems?

Your body is so much used to the bad posture that you may find it very difficult and awkward to correct it at first. But, if you have identified that you are having problems with your posture that you should not waste a single minute to start fixing it. There are the following tips that will certainly help you to correct your posture.

  • Side-lying leg raise:

This exercise is most useful to target your buttock and lower back problems. Press your fingers to the buttock top while lying on the ground. Slowly raise and lower your leg.

Side lying Leg Raise
Side Lying Leg Raise
  • Bridges exercise

This exercise is particularly helpful to strengthen your lower buttock muscles. It is being performed while lying on the ground with your knees bent and the buttock is raised and lowered while lying on the ground

Bridges exercise
Bridges Exercise
  • Pull-ups

Pull-ups are also a wonderful exercise to fix your posture. It keeps your body in a straight position, allows muscles to take up more oxygen. It keeps your shoulder from rounding and reduces pain in your back

Pull Ups
Pull Ups
  • High Planks

If you are feeling pain in your pack then high plank should be the go-to exercise for you. It helps to relieve pain throughout your body and also strengthens your muscles.

High Planks
High Planks


To wrap up, these common bad postures are not that difficult to fix. Unlike other physical problems, it can be corrected with simple exercises which can be done any time of the day. It also does not need a lot of mentorship from anyone.

The key is to understand the particular problem which you are facing with your posture; it will become much easier for you to fix it

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