Weatherproof A Rocking Chair

You can use a rocking chair both inside the living room and outside on the deck, patio, or balcony of your house. They look not only stylish and modern but also have various health benefits. The rocking chair’s backward and forward movement helps lower your stress levels. It even helps in improving your mental health. 

Older adults who cannot do exercises outsides can use this rocking chair for gentle exercise.

But when you put your rocking chair outside, i.e., in your garden for relaxation, sunlight, rain, fall, or snow can deteriorate very soon. So, your rocking chair needs to be weatherproof so that it can last for several years.

The article discusses how to weatherproof a rocking chair in detail. So, keep scrolling through this article to learn more about different ways to weatherproof your rocking chair to use it outside and enjoy a good time.

Wooden Rocking Chair – Limitations

Rocking chairs were invented in the 1700s, and till today they have not lost their demand. Some people want to put their rocking chairs on their garden or patio and enjoy the view outside. It no doubt helps relax their body and even alleviates certain illnesses like depression and insomnia.

Wood rocking furniture is quite popular because they look stylish and sophisticated. Most people like wooden rocking furniture because of its color, grain, and distinguished patterns. So, you have ample options when choosing wooden rocking furniture.

 For instance, wooden rocking chairs can be made from walnut, oak, and many more. A good quality wooden rocking chair can increase the value of your dwelling.

But it has one limitation. If you put your valuable wooden rocking furniture outside, different weather elements can soon destroy them.

The wooden rocking chair loses its natural shine and beauty when consistently exposed to rainfall and harsh sunlight. The wood will start rotting, swelling, crack from the inside and grow mildew or mold within less time when exposed continuously to rainfall and snow.

Mildew or mold is a fungus that can result in health problems like headaches, coughing, throat problems, and many more. There will stain everywhere on your wooden rocking chair, which will not look good on your garden or patio. 

Moreover, if the wooden rocking furniture is exposed to scorching sunlight for longer days, it will lose its natural color. The color will fade within less time, forcing you to buy new pieces of rocking furniture. 

Fortunately, there are various ways in which you can weatherproof your rocking chair. You can use sealants and lacquers in your wooden rocking furniture to protect it from different weather conditions.

Simultaneously using sealants and lacquers will also prevent insects from burrowing on your wooden rocking furniture.

5 Tested Ways To Weatherproof A Rocking Chair

#1. Use Polyurethane

First, clean your wooden rocking chair to remove all dust and dirt. Wipe your furniture with a dry cotton cloth.

Use Polyurethane
Use Polyurethane

Now open the water-based polyurethane can. Don’t shake the can; otherwise, air bubbles will be formed in it. Polyurethane is thick and milky but becomes clear when dry. 

Take a high-quality synthetic brush and gently apply it in the grain’s direction to avoid air bubbles. Apply the first coat throughout the rocking furniture and allow it to dry for a minimum of two hours. Apply two more coats for best results.

Alternatively, you can also use a fast-drying Polyurethane spray that gives a protective wood finish.

#2. Use Varnish

Use varnish paint
Use varnish paint

Varnish is a mixture of resin, drying oil, and volatile solvent. When you apply varnish on your wooden rocking furniture, the solvent quickly evaporates. The remaining constituents form a thin film on your furniture, which protects from harsh sun rays and water.

The varnish solution is thin and less toxic compared to polyurethane. You can use two to three layers of varnish on a wooden rocking chair for good results. 

Additionally, don’t forget to sand your wooden rocking furniture after applying each layer of varnish. After sanding, take a soft cotton cloth and wipe all over the furniture to remove the dust, and then apply the second coat of varnish.

Use varnish on your wooden rocking chair and it will protect your furniture adequately from various weather elements.

#3. Use Lacquer

Use Lacquer
Use Lacquer

Lacquer is another best option that can be used on your wooden rocking chair to make it waterproof. Lacquer can bring a warm, beautiful color if your wooden rocking chair is made from dark woods like walnut. 

The best thing about lacquer is that they are very thin and will quickly dry after applying to wooden furniture. So you can completely waterproof your wooden rocking chair within less time. It will even bring a glossy look to your furniture.

But try to always apply lacquer on a wooden rocking chair in a good ventilated space because its fumes are very strong.

Use two to three coats of lacquer on your wooden rocking chair, and try to use sandpaper on your furniture in between the two coats. 

#4. Use Oil

Use Linseed oil
Use Linseed oil

Some people don’t want to use lacquer or varnish on their wooden rocking furniture and want some natural option to coat their rocking chairs. One of the excellent options for the waterproof rocking chair is by using oil.

You can use linseed oil or Tung oil in your furniture. Linseed oil is flaxseed oil and is obtained from the flax plant. It works best in waterproofing your wooden rocking chair. 

Similarly, Tung oil is obtained from the Tung tree and is excellent in waterproofing your rocking chair. Applying oil on your furniture is one of the easy and inexpensive ways to waterproof your expensive wooden rocking chair. 

But using oil directly on your wooden furniture can make it sticky. So, you need to mix a few things and follow the procedures described below.

  • You need to mix a few things like oil, mineral spirit, and polyurethane in a 1:1:1 ratio. Stir all the ingredients properly. If you want to make the mixture thick, then add some mineral spirit into the mixture.
  • Now apply the mixture on your wooden rocking chair with the help of a soft bristle brush. Try to have a bucket of water on the side. It can be useful if things will not go according to your plan.
  • Wipe away any excess oil from your wooden rocking furniture.
  • Allow it to dry the first coat thoroughly. You can leave the wooden rocking furniture to dry overnight.
  • The following day, take fine grit sandpaper and sand the entire rocking chair. 
  • After sanding, you need to clean all the dust with a cotton cloth.
  • Apply the second coat of the mixture you have prepared.
  • You can apply two to three coats for good results.

We have a Tung oil recommendation just for you.

#5. Choose a Good Stain Sealant

Use wood sealant
Use wood sealant

The unprotected wooden rocking chair will damage with time. You need to apply a good stain sealant every one to two years to make the rocking furniture waterproof.

The binder for the stain sealant can be oil, water, or acrylic-based. Try to choose oil base binder as it helps repel water and decreases algae and mold growth.

You need to follow the below process while applying a stain sealant.

  • Take sandpaper and sand throughout your wooden rocking chair
  • Wipe all the dust and then vacuum it.
  • Wet your furniture slightly with a paintbrush and then apply the stain sealant.
  • Wipe extra stains with a cloth.
  • Allow it to dry for a few hours.
  • Apply the next coat f required.

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Wooden rocking chairs are great to use outdoors. You can relax by sitting on this chair after a long working day. It even has various health benefits. But unfortunately, rain and sunlight can damage this expensive furniture. 

So, you need to weatherproof it. Try to use the above sealants and make your rocking furniture weatherproof. Once you apply the sealants, your rocking furniture will last for several years and maintain the beauty of hue and texture.

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