Prevent Rocking Chairs from Leaving Scratch Marks

We want to have a beautiful floor in the house without any scratch marks that will last a long time. However, its appearance will depend on the type of furniture you have. Furniture like a rocking chair is perfect for relaxing in.

But it damages the floor and can wear off the finish from even a newly laid out wooden floor. The damaged floor looks ugly and requires regular repair. So how do you prevent rocking chairs from leaving scratch marks on your floor?

Apart from furniture, children and pets also can damage your floor. There is one common reason for scratches on your floor is an ordinary rocking chair.

Yes. Most of you have it at home. For many people, it is a symbol of a sweet and comfortable interior and an entire atmosphere of a house. A rocking chair is loved by children and adults, mothers who often hush their babies to sleep.

And in addition to all benefits such as aesthetic beauty and utility, a rocking chair damages the floor significantly. There are many ways to prevent this like using a rug, rocker covers, etc.

What if your interior idea does not provide the existence of any rugs at all? Not all houses are the same so different ideas are required to prevent rocking chairs from leaving scratch marks on the floor.  

4 Ways to Prevent Rocking Chairs from Leavng Scratch Marks on the Floor

These 4 ways will prevent rocking chairs from leaving scratch marks. We will reveal the most popular and effective ones in this article. Let’s get started. 

1. Rocker Covers

This is the most aesthetic way to protect your floor and give your rocking chair a creative and finished appearance. You can buy rocker covers at many furniture and craft stores. Another way to give your floor a safe and perfect appearance is to buy

a cover made from knitting or crochet. But such an idea is not to everyone’s taste and depends on the interior of a house. Fasten and tight the cover at each end and make sure it covers the rails of your chair properly. 

2. Rubber Strips

This is a less creative method but still the most effective one. Strips of rubber hose will save your floor from further damage. All you should do is to cut the two similar rubber hose covers as wide as the rockers of your favorite chair.

Keep in mind, that their length should be 2 inches shorter. To bond your rubber hose use any clear epoxy or superglue. Apply epoxy to the bottom of your chair rails, then open the hose and slip over the rails. 

According to another method you can cut wider flat rubber strips that are long enough and trim them after epoxy or glue dried. Do not forget to lightly stretch the strips to get rid of air bubbles. Also, it will provide a thinner coating on the rails. These two methods are budget-oriented ones that will help protect your floor from damage. 

rocking chair rugs
Rocking Chair Rugs

3. Rugs 

For those, who love rugs we will recommend the only way to protect your floor from marks. Use a small rug beneath your rocking chair. Such rugs usually crawl out from your rocking chair. However, for those who love and need a rug, this is the only method. To center your rocking chair, you can use a large oval rug as well. 

Self adhesive felt pads
Self Adhesive Felt Pads

4. Self-Adhesive Felt Pads

This is our next solution to protect your floors from marks. Such pads can protect tile, vinyl, and hardwood flooring. Due to their anti-scratch barrier, your flooring will remain new and ideal. Since such pads are compressed by furniture weight we recommend buying thick ones.

Choose pads with high density. The higher it is the lesser compression. Such pads come in different sizes and shapes and you will easily find the best fit for your furniture and especially for your favorite rocking chair.

Buy felt strip rolls and enjoy the benefits that protect your rocker and floor. It acts as a protective barrier due to its soft protection function 

How to protect Hardwood floor from Rocking Chair

Hardwood is the most vulnerable to damages like scratches. It can be easily damaged and this could be related to any type of flooring. Here are some commonly known tips that will prevent the hardwood floor from marking.

  1. Avoid dragging your furniture especially chairs. 
  2. Use only non-slip rubber pads.
  3. If you have a slate floor leave it unfinished. Polyurethane is less susceptible to damage than stone. 
  4. Scratches are less visible on light-colored floors. 
  5. Scratch protection can also be achieved with the application of paste wax. However, its extra usage can leave yellow stains.  


If you are struggling to save your floor from the scratch marks of a rocking chairthen try one of our best ways from above? As you can see there are many ways to protect your flooring from scratches. If you do it in time you will not experience troubles with the ugly interior. 

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