floor chairs good for your back

Age-old practices have gained our attention once again, and that is because of the benefits that follow. Our sitting style has a long history, and we are once again getting back to the starting point. Our ancestors used to sit on the floor and we evolved to adapt the modern furniture, which deteriorated our health.

Are floor chairs good for your back? Sitting on the floor has umpteen benefits, and so is sitting on a floor chair which is designed to keep your back straight, increase your muscle activity, and improve flexibility in your body.

Floor chair design

Floor chairs are most common in Japan, where sitting on a floor is a common culture, as it is in India. Floor chair designs include several aspects as pointed out below;

  • Floor chairs sit flat on the floor
  • These chairs are designed without armrests.
  • Floor chairs don’t have legs unlike usual chair designs
  • Some designs include cushions that let your have a relaxed sitting experience.

How should we sit?

What are the proper sitting positions? A lot of you may be of the view that sitting means being in your most comfortable position. No, this tendency is wrong and this can put you through extreme conditions like elongated back pain, stiffness in muscles, and even swelled feet.

While you sit, you need to be aware of the body parts that need proper support, and you also need to be very careful about the proper distribution of your body weight.

Here’s below a few important aspects that you need to keep in mind while you sit;

  • Maintain a straight back when you sit. Keep regular checks, and straighten your position every time you notice an issue.
  • Slouching when sitting is the worst case scenario. You need to keep in mind that being in comfort doesn’t means you will droop at your position. Either sit straight, or do not sit at all.
  • Stretch your body at proper intervals when you sit. This releases body stress, and stretching is the best way to avoid stiffness in body.
  • Make sure your balance your body weight on your hips. Do not bend on one side of your body; this might cause severe pain issues.
  • If you believe the health experts, you should not sit in a constant position for more than thirty minutes. Hence proper intervals play a role.
  • Do not hang your legs while you sit, this may lead to swelled legs. Hence sitting on the floor with folded legs is believed to be the most apt position to sit.
Benefits of siting on Floor chairs
Benefits of Sitting on a Floor Chair

Health Benefits of Sitting on a Floor Chair

Why do you need to buy a floor chair, how does it helps you, how are floor chairs good for your back, let’s find answers to all their queries and take a look at the real benefits of sitting on a floor chair.

  • Right posture– Experts have always focused on the importance of right posture for good health, and sitting on a floor chair convinces you to adapt this as a habit. Your posture improves naturally over time, and you learn to sit upright, even when you are not sitting on your chair.
  • Pain reliever– Bad body posture leads to continual pain in our back, shoulders, hands, legs and other parts of the body, and that’s when improved, you get relieved. Floor chairs allow you to sit in the right position, and you get a constant relief from back pain, and other body pain issues.
  • Improved digestion– As suggested by health experts, sitting on floor puts your body at a posture where your intestines get enough room to work well and that improves the digestive system. So, not just for muscle and back pain, floor chairs are equally good for your digestion.
  • Improved flexibility– When you are sitting on a floor chair, you are actually sitting and not slouching and that improves the blood circulation in your body. With improved blood circulation your body feels more active, which makes you strong enough to move with better flexibility.


According to a study, an average person’s lifespan is usually 20% result of genetics, and 80% is determined by the environment and lifestyle. This means your life is what you decide it to be, thus, improving your lifestyle results in a long and healthy life.

According to yet another study of the world’s longest-living population, sitting on the floor can improve your health and increase your life span.

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