Tips for Cleaning Floor Chairs

Floor Chairs are great for seating for long hours, they are comfortable and can be adjusted to many reclining positions. These chairs do not have legs but some swivel floor chairs have a rotating base so you can turn 360 Degree. Floor chairs are good for indoor and outdoor use.

You can do yoga, meditation, playing video games, working, relaxing on a beach, picnics, and watching a game in a stadium. As it is used widely both indoors and outdoors it needs proper cleaning and maintenance. 

Guide on Cleaning Floor Chairs

We have a guide for you on cleaning Floor chairs.

1. Clean the Cover:

Most floor chairs have a high-quality cover protector which protects the inside foam material. This cover is detachable and can be easily taken out by pulling the zip. Shake the cover for any dust and then wash it in soap water or do a machine wash.

The cover can be fabric or polyester material, so both are washable in water. Some floor chair covers are reversible so you can use both sides without cleaning them.

2. Clean Using a Vacuum cleaner:

Use a vacuum cleaner to deep clean the floor chair. You can use the vacuum with the rotating brush attachment to remove any sitting dust and dirt in the chair.

3. Clean with Soap and Water:

Mix water and mild detergent into a bucket of water. Use this mixture to scrub down the entire chair’s surface with a cleaning cloth. Do not leave any residue behind. Dry off the cover before putting it back on the chair.

4. Clean Stain with lemon Juice:

Use lemon juice and rub with a brush to clean any tough stains like oil, coffee, and tea stains. Scrub thoroughly until they are gone.

5. Use a Damp cloth:

Take a damp sponge to wipe clean any dirt on the chair’s surface. Dry in sunlight or air dry before putting it to use.

6. Clean with WD-40

Tough stains on chairs are a big headache for homeowners. Use WD-40 on a clean cloth to wipe tough stains like greases, lubricants, and rust marks. Wd-40 is a grease, lubricants, and rust remover used in offices, factories, and at home.

7. Use Hydrogen Peroxide

The Metal armrests of the floor chair can be cleaned with cotton swabs dipped in Hydrogen peroxide. This will give the metal a shine.

8. Use Upholstery Cleaner

Upholstery cleaners are an essential tool for cleaning any fabric, polyester chairs. Use it to remove stubborn stains that won’t come out with water only.

9. Cleaning Wooden Floor Chairs

If you have a wooden floor chair like Japanese then use a brush with soft bristles to clean with soap water. Use coconut oil to give a shining look to your wooden floor chairs’ legs and other parts.

10. Cleaning Plush Fabric

Plush fabric floor chairs are the easiest to clean. Dust the chair surface with cloth or vacuum and use sap water to remove any remaining stains.

11. Removing Pet Hair

If you have a pet at home then there are chances of pet hairs getting stuck in the chair. Use a lint roller or the vacuum with the brush attachment to remove them.

12. Drying the Chair

Drying is as important as cleaning, using a damp chair will lead to the growth of germs, bacteria, and fungus in the chair. There are many ways you can dry a floor chair

  1. Sun Bath Chairs- Put under direct sun light to dry after cleaning with soap water. Sunlight kills all bacteria, fungus and other germs living on the chair for long.
  2. Use Vacuum- You can use a Vacumm cleaner to dry the chair after cleaning.
  3. Wipes- Use wipes to absorb any dampness left in the chair after cleaning.
  4. If you are just cleaning the chair cover it is important to air dry it before putting it to reuse.

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