Kangaroo Chair

The name “kangaroo chair” comes from the resemblance of its bouncy seat to that of a kangaroo’s tail. It is also known as Pierre Jeanneret chair.

It was first created in the late 1950s as an alternative to standard chairs for people with lower back pain or other types of discomfort caused by sitting for extended periods on hard seats.

A Kangaroo Chair is a chair that has an upright back and two supports on the front of the seat, which are often padded.

It is designed to be used in situations where one needs to sit for long periods of time, such as when reading or watching TV.

The name “Kangaroo” comes from their ability to provide comfort while sitting upright as kangaroos do.

Pierre Jeanneret-The Inventor of Kangaroo Chair

Pierre Jeanneret was the inventor of the Kangaroo Chair. He was born on 22 March 1896 in Geneva, Switzerland. He was a student of fine arts and later became a professional architect.

His phenomenal contribution is to the designing of Chandigarh City Planning. Pierre Jeannette also had an interest in designing furniture. Kangaroo chair is one of his greatest minimalist furniture designs.

Where You can Buy a Kangaroo Chair

There are some reputed furniture sites that sell Kangaroo Chairs.

1. The Design Part:

The Design Part is a popular online retailer of designer furniture and home decor.

Its Armless Kangaroo Chair is a seat with two parallel S-shaped frames that makes your chair’s leg and back frame. This is an old 1950s design.

This chair has dimensions of being 61.5cm high x 52.5cm wide x 71cm deep (front to back). The seat height is 34.5cm / 13 inches from the ground and weighs 9.8 kgs approximately.

2. Phantom Hands

Phantom Hands is an Indian company located in Bangalore that makes designer furniture. It ships its products to the United States and other countries.

All of their products are hand-made from different materials like wood, cane, metal, etc. They also design clothes and furniture with people from India’s many different communities.

Pahntomhands makes a variant of the Kangaroo Chair. It has two pieces of wood to form the frame for the back and legs.

The back is arched to give support and comfort. It is made from stronger materials and natural cane is used instead of metal.

3. Cassina

Cassina is an Italian company started in 1927 based in Meda, Italy. They are a pioneer in launching industrial design in Italy.

They made the Kangaroo chair for a hospital in Chandigarh though found in a few private homes. The Z-shaped sides are made up of three pieces. These chairs are made from cane or solid teak or oak.

4. Dimo Chairs

Dimochair restores and builds furniture that is like the ones Pierre Jeanneret and Le Corbusier made. Their productions are located in Chandigarh, India.

Their furniture is hand-made with natural materials. The height of this chair is 61cm, it is 74cm deep, 37cm high in front, and 54 cm wide. This item can be customized to your needs.

5. Tigmi Trading

Tigmi Trading is the only Kangaroo Chair maker from Australia. A very innovative company that creates and sells designer furniture and home decor products.

They make handmade rugs, furniture, art, lighting, and accessories from natural elements.

This Kangaroo chair is made from teak and natural cane. It is made to the original specifications of Pierre Jeanneret, who made it in the 1950s.

6. 1st Dibs

1stDibs is an online marketplace for people who are looking for beautiful things. They sell things that are old, antique, or new.

You can buy furniture, home decorating items like paintings or plant stands, diamond-studded jewelry, watches, and clothes.

Their Kangaroo Chair is also hand-made and as per the design of the original inventor.

7. Eternity Modern

Eternity Modern makes stunning designs. Their best design is when designers put performance, durability, and sustainability into their plans. Eternity Modern has some of the best examples of this type of design in their collection.

This Kangaroo chair is made of solid wood. It has a seat that is woven with natural materials, like rattan. The wood will not hurt you if you touch it.

This chair can be used indoors only and should be treated with Eco oil-based stain.

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