Make Office Chair More Comfortable During Pregnancy

Right posture is crucial for maintaining good health; we have already read this at almost every health-related warning around us. And maintaining the right posture during pregnancy is ever more important, as your body changes during pregnancy and you need to be ultra-cautious for it.

A pregnant lady goes through a lot of changes during the 36 weeks of pregnancy, majorly in her body. And hence from time to time, as the tummy grows, the posture needs to be checked regularly. especially for those who work for long hours in the office. But, Is there a way to make office chair more comfortable during pregnancy.

If you are a working woman, and you are going to your office during pregnancy, you might already be aware of the struggle you face during your office hours. The major challenge is adjusting the office chair in a way that puts the least pressure on the back or legs or tummy. Thus, we need to talk about comfortable sitting positions during pregnancy.

The correct way to sit during pregnancy

Yes, there is a correct way to sit during pregnancy, and you need to be very cautious about how you carry your body with your baby. Focus on the pointers mentioned below;

  • Always make sure to sit with your back straight. This position puts least pressure on your lower back, and thus, reduces the pain and keeps you more active.
  • Always make sure to push your shoulders back while sitting. You should not slouch, or sit in the C position.
  • Make sure your body weight is equally distributed on your hips while you sit. This is important to avoid unnecessary body pain and stiffness.
  • Use chair armrest for relaxing your arms while working. If your arms are continuously moving without proper support, your elbow starts paining, and you feel stiff on your shoulders.
  • Keep your joints in the neutral position while you sit. Putting one leg over the other could cause extreme irritability during pregnancy.
  • Keep your feet at a flat position all the time. This doesn’t put pressure on your feet and enables proper flow of blood. In the otherwise case, your feet might swell up. And swelling of the feet is a common phenomenon during pregnancy.
  • Do not twist your body much while sitting on a chair during pregnancy. Move the chair using its wheels if you wish to move from one place to another around your work space.
  • Do not sit on a chair without a backrest. You need to provide proper support to your back as this part bears the most weight of your growing tummy.
  • Avoid bending or leaning forward while sitting. During pregnancy you will already be advised not to bend in the forward direction, and you will have to take care of this notion even when you are sitting.
  • The correct way to sit includes taking short gaps in between work. You should not sit for more than 40 minutes at a stretch. Make sure to stand up, walk for a couple of minutes, and then get back to your work once again.
5 Tips to Make Office Chair More Comfortable During Pregnancy
5 Tips to Make Office Chair More Comfortable During Pregnancy

How to make your office chair comfortable?

You definitely need to focus on making the office chair more comfortable for you during this crucial period of your life. Picking up the ergonomically designed furniture is the best choice, and we are mentioning below a few facts that would make sitting on a chair more comfortable and relaxing;

Choose adjustable chair

The first priority should be to choose an adjustable chair. You should be able to adjust the backrest, armrest, footrest, the height and width of the chair, and the headrest of your chair. The ability to adjust gives you more options to make your chair comfortable.

Ergonomic chair designs are meant to be adjusted according to the demands of the user, and thus are high in demand. You need to choose a chair that provides ultimate adjustment options, and this makes working much easier for a pregnant woman.

Use a lumbar support cushion

Lumbar support cushions are meant to eradicate the space between your lower back and the backrest of the chair. Heavy cushions are important to let your back get proper support while sitting.

In the otherwise case you can also use an additional cushion for yourself while you are at work during your pregnancy. This cushion would reduce stress from the back, and it can sometimes also be placed below your hip, that’s another way of reducing stress.

Use padded armrest

A padded armrest is an integral part of the design in all comfortable office chairs. You should use an armrest for providing proper support to your arms. Your position says a lot about your productivity and you’re your health, make sure to maintain it in the healthiest way possible.

Use ergonomic footrest

A footrest supports your body weight while you sit on the chair. It helps you maintain better posture at work, and this reduces stress on your body, especially during pregnancy.

Choose an ergonomic footrest to provide ultimate support to your feet while you spend those work hours in the office. Some of the most popular footrests are designed with high-density foam, and these can also be doubled as rockers while you flip them upside down.

Using a footrest reduces fatigue, promotes better blood circulation, and prevents swelling in the feet.

Swivel options

You should choose a chair with advanced swivel options. Swiveling while working makes your task easier, and also does not puts extra pressure on your body, while you work during pregnancy.

You have to be excessively careful while you attend your office during pregnancy. Being aware of the right posture during pregnancy is mandatory. You need to get in the habit of comfortable sitting positions during pregnancy and change your lifestyle according to the changes your body observes during this beautiful period.


Pregnancy is bliss, you will surely feel the urge to keep working during this period as well, and you should indeed continue working unless advised otherwise by your doctor. However, you shall be very cautious about your body posture, and follow all the guidelines that are meant for a pregnant woman’s health.

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