Draughtsman chair

A draughtsman chair is a chair design that is basically taller than the standard chair for people who work on a desk that’s higher in height as compared to our regular work desk. The ergonomics of this chair are designed to fit into specific needs, where the height of the desk is usually higher, creating demand for high-length chairs.

The ergonomics of a draughtsman chair are designed to provide optimum support to your body while you are sitting. It makes you comfortable at a certain height that’s higher than usual and lets you sit comfortably during your work hours.

The Draughtsman chair allows you to have a wide range of movements including height adjustment, backrest height, and angle adjustments. Ideal for desks that are higher than the normal level for example drafting, architectural designing, drawing tables, operational work desks, etc. These chairs are suitable for Offices, designs agencies, and industrial setups.

These modern furniture pieces are designed after immense research done on the human body and its requirements at work.

Features of Draughtsman Chair

Adjustable height

The most important feature of a draughtsman chair is its ability to adjust to different heights and suit the changing requirement at the workspace. These chairs are taller than the standard office chairs, and thus, designed to suitably work on desks of different heights.

If a chair is designed to be adjusted at different height levels, it could be used both for regular desks and longer desks. Look out for ergonomic designs that provide maximum height level adjustments.

Adjustable backrest

Top-quality ergonomic chair designs include the feature to adjust the backrest into different positions. Thus, you need to look out for a draughtsman chair that comes with an adjustable backrest option.

Proper lumbar support is a must for relaxed back and more productivity at work. This support prevents stiffness in your spine and doesn’t let your lower back pain during elongated rigorous working hours. 

Adjustable armrest

Different chairs are designed differently, and you have to find a draughtsman chair that is designed with thick padding on the armrest.

Thick padding protects your arms and elbows against probable injuries, and also prevents pain in the elbows that arises from regular work sessions while sitting in front of the computer screen. Thus this one feature is also a must in a much-demanded draughtsman chair.

Lockable reclining back

The reclining back should be designed including a proper lock system so that it could bear your body weight when you take proper support or stretch your body in between work.

Look out for this feature when you select a draughtsman chair for your office. Lockable reclining chair options are many, compare the options before you land on to a final deal.


A well-designed footrest is a much in a draughtsman chair. This chair is taller than a usual chair, and your feet do not sit flat on the floor while you sit and work on a draughtsman chair. Thus, the placement of proper footrests is really very important.

For proper support to your feet, and to avoid unnecessary strain in your legs, you definitely need to take this factor into consideration before making the final choice.

Benefits of Draughtsman chair
Benefits of Draughtsman Chair

Benefits of Draughtsman Chair

Now we already know what exactly a draughtsman chair is, and also the features of this kind of furniture, but the point is why exactly we need this chair. Apart from the option to adjust at a height higher than the usual standard chairs, what else are the benefits that follow this furniture design?

Let’s further take a look at the benefits of a draughtsman chair, and understand this furniture type in detail;

Suitable for taller desks-

A draughtsman chair is designed to solve the height issues at workplaces that have taller desks. So if you have to work on a taller desk, you definitely need a chair that could be adjusted to that height.

So this one benefit is the prime benefit of using a draughtsman chair at the office. Taller desks are usually used so that the person might also stand and work on the desk when in need. These desks are usually used for gaming purposes as well.

Helps maintain proper posture-

An ergonomically designed chair is meant to keep you in good posture while you are at work. Bad posture leads you to health conditions that create severe problems in long run, and hence maintaining the right posture at work is of utmost importance.

These chairs are designed in a way that lets your back have proper lumbar support, and you sit straight putting negligible stress on your back.

Helps prevent back pain-

It helps prevent back pain while you do not have proper support at work; you end up creating issues like stiff back, muscle pain, and extreme pain in the lower back.

A draughtsman chair is designed in a way that does not let your back feel the stress while you are at work. It provides proper support to your back, and thus protects you against severe back issues.

Keeps your bones in good condition-

Ergonomic draughtsman chair designs are meant to let you keep your legs in a neutral position while at work. You do not fold your legs, and hence you avoid fatigue.

On the other hand, a well-designed and managed footrest keeps your feet in good condition through all the hours you spend at work. This keeps your bones in good condition and avoids probable pains.

Boosts productivity at work-

Enhanced productivity is yet another important benefit of using a draughtsman chair at work. When you feel relaxed and comfortable on your chair, you automatically end up producing better results towards the end of the day.

So, office furniture designed by experts is basically meant to boost productivity at work. And the investment you make on these specifically designed office furniture fetches you great results in long run.


Thus, if you are planning to buy a draughtsman chair, compare the different options online before you make the final move. Compare the product on the basis of style, material, adjustability options, and price. The variety is wide, you need to be specific about your needs, and this makes it easy for you to purchase the right product.

Also, keep an eye on the deals offered by various dealers online, these deals might fetch you great discounts.

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