Dimensions of a Good office Chair

Good comfort brings great productivity, and this is directly implied in choosing the right office furniture. Buying furniture for offices is all about grabbing the most stylish looks at competitive prices. Besides this, feeling comfortable in the office is yet another important goal.

Among the different elements of office furniture, the office chairs go under the most abuse, as they are used the most. Every office chair type is designed in different dimensions, keeping in mind the weight-bearing capacity and conditions of use.

The Seat Height, Seat Depth, and Back Height decide the dimensions of a good office chair.

Ergonomically designed office chairs have gained immense popularity off lately, owing to their adjustable feature. People can now adjust the chair’s height, its back, and even the armrest and headrest. The ability to adjust is the key to much-needed comfort.

Standard Dimensions of a Good Office Chair

Let us now shift our focus to the standard dimensions of an office chair. The dimension of an office chair speaks volumes regarding comfort, stability, and durability. But, first, let’s know more about the standard seat height, seat depth, and back height.

Seat Height

The extremely important feature is the ability to adjust. Therefore, primarily the height of the seat should be adjustable. Besides this, the standard height of the chair ranges somewhere between 16 to 21 inches from the floor.

Thus, this standard seat height supports appropriate posture for the worker. It allows the seated person to rest his feet flat on the floor while evenly placing the thighs and arms.

Seat Depth

The seat width contributes majorly towards comfort and stability to the person sitting. On average, a seat that’s 17-20 inches wide is considered appropriate.

Besides this, a well-designed chair should have enough depth to allow an individual to sit comfortably, resting back against the backrest properly. There should be a gap of approximately 2-4 inches between the curve on the knee and the chair’s seat.

Furthermore, the backward and forward tilt should be adjustable, allowing the user to sit without inconvenience.

Backrest Dimension

If the backrest of the chair is adjustable, nothing like that. It would help if you prefer an adjustable backrest; however, chairs with adjustable backrests are expensive compared to the other categories.

The ideal chair design is crafted with a 12-19 inches high backrest.

The backrest should support the natural arch of the spine, paying proper attention to the lumbar region of the spine.

office chair Seat Height, Seat Depth and Back Height
Office Chair Seat Height, Seat Depth, and Back Height

Here’s how you can measure the seat height and back height of the chair!

To measure the seat height and the back height of the office chair, you need to opt for a professional approach. Let’s study further;

Measuring Seat Height

Studies suggest, around 19% of a person’s weight is distributed through his feet while sitting. And thus, measuring the seat height becomes even more essential.

To measure aptly, you need to take the length between a person’s knee to the sole. Furthermore, make it a point to measure both the legs, as it is seen in some cases, there’s a difference between the measurement of both legs. That is when different support is needed.

Measure Back Height

Ideally, to measure back height, you should consider taking measurements from the top of the head to the chair’s seat. To measure the back height aptly, make the person sit properly on the chair and take measurements from the top to the seat cushion.

And thus, this is how you will get the exact measurements and adjust your seat accordingly.

Importance of Correct Chair Dimensions!

Why is it so important to consider the dimensions of an office chair?

Does it contributes to the overall health of the user

Of course, the chair dimensions are the vitals of the support system a chair can offer. Thus, let’s study in deep, the importance of correct chair dimensions.


Correct chair dimensions provide proper support to different parts of the body. The back, legs, arms, pelvis, etc., stay at the right position, and that is how different parts of the body get their space on the chair.

The right dimensions provide proper support to the head as well. Without proper support, the body cannot function aptly, and that is when productivity goes down. Thus, this is why knowing the correct dimension is important.


When choosing a chair with the correct dimensions, your body gets the stability required to function properly. In addition, proper spacing and support in between various parts of the body let the bodywork stably.

Adjustable chairs are designed to let the user feel more stable on a particular chair. Different people have different requirements, and thus, a chair’s ability to adjust makes it fit in changing needs.


Correct chair dimensions allow extensive mobility. If the user fits in the chair properly, he gets the opportunity to use the chair to move from one position to the other.

Mobility is extremely important to boost productivity at the office. A person cannot stand up and sit down whenever he needs something away from his desk; hence, proper chair dimensions work wonders.

Good Health

The ultimate advantage of correct chair dimensions is good health for the user. Studies suggest people who use the right chair at the office are less likely to face any health issues, including back pain, stressed muscles, neck pain, stiffness, etc.

Therefore, choosing the chair with the right dimensions becomes even more important.


A chair that’s comfortable and easily moveable brings out the most production at the office. When you are at work, comfort and productivity go hand in hand, which is why people spend extensively buying the right furniture for their offices.

Therefore, choosing a chair with the right dimensions bring out the best productivity at work.

Thus, the next time you are out to buy chairs for your workspace, make sure you consider watching your body dimensions in advance. The best chairs are the ones that fulfill all the requirements of a certain body type.

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