Mesh vs Leather office Chair

Are you buying a new office chair?

Is it making you confused about what to choose?

Are you facing difficulties while differentiating between mesh vs leather office chairs?

If yes, you’ve just landed on the right page.

Well, in A survey conducted by a Massachusetts-based office supply store, 86% of people working in offices say that their chair isn’t comfortable enough for an entire day’s work. While 46% of people say their office chair is the main source of muscle and back pain they suffer each day.

An office chair has a significant impact on one’s health. With the changing work environment, where most of us are still following the work from home rule, buying the right chair has become even more essential.

So, which chair is the best for prolonged working hours?

How to find the best option with so many varieties available in the market?

The big debate on the best chair continues!

Moving forth, let’s discuss the difference between much-talked-about mesh chairs and the most luxurious leather office chairs.

difference between Mesh and Leather office Chair

Mesh VS Leather Office Chairs! The Technical Difference!

Mesh chairs have become almost equally popular with leather office chairs. So, what makes the two varieties differ from each other and which one to choose if a person is buying a new office chair?

Furthermore, we’ll try to find the underlying difference between these two options and bring you a sorted viewpoint on the best option.

1. Ventilation

Mesh chairs have become immensely popular in the last decade.

So, what is a mesh chair?

How is it made?

Technically, the mesh is any fabric that is made of multiple strands of connected fibers. These fibers are joined or woven to produce a breathable mesh fabric. This fabric is further used as the backrest of a chair, or the chair’s seat, for that matter.

Mesh fabric has a web-like appearance that can bear a good amount of weight.

Office chairs designed using mesh fabric have gained massive popularity owing to their great breathability, which comforts the seater to a larger extent.

On the other hand, leather chairs do not allow ventilation to the back during prolonged working hours. As a result, people get sweaty, and the back gets warmed, creating discomfort for the worker.

The studies show that an average person produces about 250-400 BTU (British Thermal Units) of heat daily. Therefore, a properly ventilated chair is bliss.

2. Convenience and Maintenance

Let’s compare these two chair types based on convenience and maintenance.

Mesh chairs are light in weight; they can be easily transported from one place to another in your office. In contrast, leather chairs are heavier and difficult to transport.

On the other hand, while transporting the leather chairs, there are larger chances of the leather getting scratched and damaged, whereas mesh chairs aren’t the case.

Mesh chairs are light in weight, sleek in structure which allows easy transportability.

Let’s now shift our focus to cleaning and maintenance.

Office furniture, especially office chairs, requires regular cleaning. Since these chairs go through rigorous abuse throughout the day, proper cleaning is a must.

Mesh chairs are designed using a material that can be conveniently washed and cleaned. Cleaners can use a large variety of cleaning materials on mesh chairs without getting worried about probably damage.

While you clean leather chairs, you need to be extra cautious. Components like rubbing alcohol, baking soda, soap, etc., can cause damage to the leather chair, and hence cleaning becomes a challenge.

So, this point again goes to the mesh chairs.

3. Durability

Every buyer, while choosing a chair, checks on its durability. Today, office chairs aren’t cheap furniture, especially when you look for ergonomic design and an attractive look. Therefore, when you spend so much on a chair, you expect durability.

Let’s compare these two varieties of chairs on this feature.

Considering durability, leather chairs clearly win this aspect. In addition, leather chair manufacturers offer as much as 20 years of warranty on their product, which goes to lifetime warranty in some cases.

Whereas the most expensive mesh chairs can be used for a maximum of 8-10 years, provided you use your office furniture delicately.

Therefore, this point goes to the leather chair without any competition.

4. Design and Comfort

If you are the kind of person who loves to see everything attractive in the office, you probably won’t get enough satisfaction using mesh chairs.

Based on the availability of design and comfort, leather chairs rule the market.

Leather chairs in the office are not just a conventional piece of furniture, but it is one such type of chair that has evolved with time and changing the needs of the buyers. Thus, leather chairs have never lost their charm, irrespective of a long trail of options launched after it.

Thus, if you are looking for attractive designs and a classy look, you should find options in leather chairs.

Whereas talking of comfort, leather chairs are more cushioned and comfy. On the other hand, mesh chairs are sleek, less cushioned, and more focused on your posture.

So, this point goes a 50-50 in favor of both the options.

5. Cost

Let’s now move our discussion to the final and the most important aspect: the cost of the product.

Leather chairs are expensive, while mesh chairs are comparatively cheaper.

Whereas in both the categories, manufacturers come with different varieties in a certain price range, but if you compare these two in terms of price, leather chairs charge you big.

But, for the higher price, leather chairs manufacturers offer intricate designs, a sophisticated look, and a minimum 20 years warranty on the product.

Therefore, while you are buying your office chair, you need to consider your budget. Depending on what you can afford, you need to pick an option amongst leather and mesh chairs.

So, the picture seems clear now, and based on our research, choosing amongst these two categories of office chairs will become easier.

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