Premium Office Chairs Vs Standard Chairs

Office chairs hold a lot of importance when it comes to the long-term health of an employee. A chair that is not comfortable may affect an employee’s mood, cognitive state, and work performance. 

There are many types of chairs available in the market but not all of them are premium office chairs. Here is a blog about a few benefits of premium office chairs over standard chairs and why you should choose premium office chairs.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a startup, chairs are key to productivity and comfort. You spend the most amount of your time in the office from the moment you arrive at the moment you leave. If you spend most of your time on a chair, it’s worth investing in a good one, like premium office chairs.

So let’s get into the details of why premium chairs score above standard chairs.

Top Benefits of Premium Chairs

Seating and working for long hours in the office has many negative consequences. It leads to body pain in areas like the back, leg, neck, hand, and shoulders. 

There are two major contributors to this one is your office chair and the other one is your posture. If you don’t have the right office chair then there would be health issues in long term, you may experience back pain, leg pain, headaches, hand and shoulder pain, etc. 

So it is crucial to have the right office chair. Choosing a premium chair is the first step toward a healthy life in the office. The second important factor is adopting the right posture while seating, typing, or working at the desk.

The right combination of a good quality office chair and correct posture is the key to a happy time in the office and leads to more productivity.

So why a premium chair, let’s see the top benefits of choosing premium chairs.

1. Ergonomics

The human body is designed to move and the more we move the healthier we are. We are confined to our desks for long hours which leads to injuries related to prolonged seating.

Long seating hours combined with poor seating posture can lead to compressed spine, shortened disks, and reduced circulation which causes back pain, neck pain, and other body pain.

The solution is to get up and move more. The best posture is the next posture.

A good ergonomic chair will support your natural curves like the spine and be adjustable to allow you to seat in the best position. Ideally, it should allow you to move around within the seating position. The more you move while seating the better it is.

  • Ergonomic chairs promote active sitting. It allows you to move more. 
  • They are adjustable, you can raise or lower the chair height to keep your legs in a horizontal position.
  • Adjustable armrests- the armrests are adjustable so you can keep your elbows bent at 90°. They can be extended and lower or raised to adjust according to the person.
  • Seat Depth- Premium chairs allow people of all sizes to fit properly. The seat depth is not enough for taller people in regular chairs. Here you can adjust the seat depth according to your size.
  • 3D Movement- Top premium chairs allow you to move in 3 dimensions, unlike standard where you can move in 2 dimensions.
  • Lumbar Support- Lumbar support is for your natural spine curvature.
  • Auto-Weight mechanism- Every chair can support up to a certain weight. Standard chairs have no specific setting for a bulkier person or a smaller person but premium chairs have an auto weight mechanism that allows them to adjust the level of tension required at the back of the chair.

Check out this Staples Bonded Mcallum Managers Chair and compare it with the Standard Staples Hyken Chair.

2. Comfort

Premium chairs are made with the best fabric and cushioning to give you the best comfortable experience while seating. A quality seat would be not very soft and not very rigid. It must hold on to your body and support it not let you inside like a cocoon. 

Most standard chairs are made to give you a cushy feeling at the start which tends to wear out after a few years. A premium chair is made of high-density foam padding covered with genuine leather.

These seats are breathable and do not allow sweat to form below. Premium chairs have the best fabric like pure leather or bonded leather.

The armrests are padded for better support to hands and shoulders. The headrests are mostly inbuilt but padded to give you good support to your head and neck.

3. Customization

The best part of a premium chair is that you can customize it a lot according to your requirement. You can choose to order a premium chair based on our color choices, fabric type, caster type, seat depth, chair height, armrests, headrests, etc.

Standard chairs do not provide any customization option you have to order or buy them as they are.

4. Durability

Premium chairs are built with the best materials. The construction of a premium chair includes

  • Aluminum frame
  • Five-star chair base
  • High-quality casters
  • Genuine leather fabric
  • High-quality dense foam

The life span of a chair depends on the build quality. So the longevity or durability of a premium chair is 10-15 years while that of a standard office chair is 7-10 years.

5. Design

Premium office chairs are made from the best materials to have the most stylish design and looks. Made from aluminum with a leather finish seat and back contoured to the shape with a contrast woven design makes the premium chair attractive.

Some premium chairs come with a wooden finish with high-quality genuine leather to give them a traditional royal look. 

6. Health Benefits

A premium chair is a top-class ergonomic chair that not only improves the seating experience but also brings a lot of health benefits with it.

  • It allows moving more dynamically with the seating position which improves better circulation leading to less bodily injury.
  • Seating in a correct posture avoids consequences like back pain, neck pain related to prolonged seating
  • Good adjustments can cut down on problems like shoulder pain, stressed ligaments in the hands
  • Standard chairs are not meant for everyone, but premium chairs can be adjusted to fit taller or bulkier people thus avoiding serious injuries due to a not fitting chair.

7. Impression

A premium executive chair leaves a long-lasting impression in the minds of the customers or clients who comes to visit you. It makes a big impact on the credibility of the person seating on it.

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