Staples Tarance Mesh Fabric Task Chair Review

Staples is a respected manufacturer and seller when we talk about office chairs. It has a complete line of office chairs for every need in the workplace. Their office chairs make life easier and better at the work.

Staples Tarance Mesh Task Chair is one such excellent choice for an office chair. It is ergonomically fit and is comfortable for people of all sizes.

Let’s get on with the Staples Tarance Mesh Fabric Task chair review in detail.

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Staples Tarance Mesh Fabric Task Chair Review

The first look of the Staples Tarance chair is impressive, it looks tall, strong, adjustable, and comfortable. It has a breathable mesh fabric that allows air to flow through keeping you cool for longer seating periods.

Staples Tarance Mesh Fabric Task Chair

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This tall chair has a removable and adjustable headrest that supports your neck and head. 

Here are the specifications of the Staples Tarance chair,

  • Chair Maximum Height from Floor- 52.9 Inches
  • Chair Minimum Height From Floor- 47.3 Inches
  • Maximum Seat Height from Floor- 21.9 Inches
  • Minimum Seat Height from Floor- 18 Inches
  • Seat Width- 19.9 Inches
  • Seat Depth- 18.4 Inches
  • Chair Width x depth- 28.1 Inches x 27.4 Inches
  • Chair Weight Capacity- 300 Lbs

Tarance chair is a perfect addition to your office if you need an ergonomic chair with an adjustable backrest, armrests, and headrests. It supports your whole body so that you don’t feel aching legs, back, and neck.

Pros and Cons of Staples Tarance Mesh Chair


  • A tall chair that fits people over 6 feet
  • Wide seat to fit bulky and oversized workers
  • It can hold up to 300 lbs, perfect for fat people
  • Five-star base and rolling casters for smooth maneuverability
  • It is fit for both carpet and hard floors
  • 7-year manufacturer warranty 


  • It requires full assembly which may not be suitable for everyone
  • 14 days return period which is too short(minimum 30 days should be given)
  • Foam in the seat starts to dip after a few months of regular use
  • Chair sinks after 1 year of use

Features of Staples Tarance Mesh Office Chair

This black beauty will not disappoint you in your workspace. It is highly adjustable and supports your whole body from your legs to the head.

Here are some of its unique features that make this a fine collection in your home office.

Great Design:

A comfortable chair that has lumbar support for the back, height adjustable seat, adjustable armrests, adjustable and reclinable headrests, and tilt lock functions. It will make your seating experience comfortable.

Bigger Seat:

It has a wide and depth seat to hold the body completely so you feel like seating comfortably without adjusting yourself if you are somewhat bulky or over in size.

Adjustable Armrests:

Adjustable armrests to support your arms, shoulders, and upper body, while typing or working on the computer. You can adjust the height of armrests up to 6 inches (to suit your requirement) by pressing the knob at the sides.

Adjustable Headrest:

The headrest is adjustable and removable. It can be adjusted to move up and down and recline positions to support your neck. Some don’t like the headrest in the chair, so If you feel uncomfortable you can just remove it.

Lumbar Support:

Adjustable back support for the lumbar and the seat height can be adjusted according to your height or how deep you want to seat in the chair. The back support can be adjusted by just pulling it up or down.

Comfortable Fabric:

Mesh is a breathable fabric compared to cotton or leather or suede. It allows air to flow through that keeps the seat cool. The seat is covered by the mesh fabric fully.

Universal Casters:

The base of the Staples Tarance chair is superior built quality and it has a set of 5 quality casters for easy movement around your desk. These casters are fit for both carpet and hard floors. (concrete, tile, hardwood).


Just like staples Dexley also has a single lever to control the seat height and lock in the tilt positions.

Load Capacity:

One of the great features of this chair is that it supports taller and bigger people. If you are 6 feet or above it will support you well. Even if you are 250 lbs or more the chair seat will hold you comfortably because the width of the seat is 19.9 inches.


Staples Tarance chair comes with 14 days replacement and  7 years limited warranty.

 Let us compare Staples Tarance chair with other Two popular models Staples Hyken and Staples Dexley.

Staples Tarance Vs Dexley Vs Hyken

Staples Tarance Mesh Fabric Chair

Staples Dexley Mesh Task Chair

Staples Hyken Technical Task Chair

FeaturesStaples TaranceStaples DexleyStaples Hyken
Max. Adjustable Height(Inches)52.950.849.8
Tilt TypeSwivel SynchroSwivel
Seat Width(In Inches)19.919.219.37
Seat Depth(In Inches)27.428.627.2
Load Capacity(in Lbs)275275275
ArmrestsAdjustableAdjustableNot Adjustable
HeadrestsAdjustableAdjustableNot Adjustable
Adjusting levers112
Warranty7 years7 years7 years


A pretty big and tall chair with all basic and advanced facilities to make your work desk look and feel better. If you are a big persona then Staples Tarance is a must for you.

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