Staples La-Z-Boy Bradley Chair

Staples is a great place for office supplies and office furniture. Office Furniture is as important as any other factor for a great workplace environment. A new chair can help in boosting the productivity of employees. The Staples La-Z-Boy Bradley Chair is a great new addition to your office.

Staples has a chair for every occasion and requirement whether you need an ergonomic chair, executive chair, or manager’s chair. Some of its most popular chairs include the Hyken Task chair, Dexley chair, Tarance chair, Mcallum manager’s chair, etc.

Here is our review of the Staples La-Z-Boy Bradley Chair to help you learn more about this stylish chair.

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Staples La-Z-Boy Bradley Chair

La-Z-Boy Bradley Chair Review

The Staples La-Z-Boy Bradley Chair is an executive chair made of boded leather. It is a comfortable chair that fits great in any office environment. It is a chair for tall and big people doesn’t mean average people can not use them.

Most office chairs do not fit the people who are taller and bulkier in shape and size and for them, Lazy boy Bradley is a blessing.


The overall dimensions of the La-Z-Boy Bradley Chair are 43.5″ in height x 28″ in Width and 32.5″ in Depth. The maximum height it can go up to is 45.5 inches. The seat depth is 22’’ in width and 22’’ in depth which fits people of all sizes.


The chair is upholstered with real bonded black leather and stitched with contrast to give it a luxurious look. The leather on the seat and tall back contoured to its shape to give a good texture and comfortable feeling. 

For those that aren’t sure what bonded leather is, let’s have a look at the term in more detail. Bonded Leather is not a type of leather at all. It is a concoction of vinyl, chemicals, and leather scraps, pressed, glued, and packaged to resemble real leather. Bonded leather should not be confused with genuine leather, which is an animal hide treated for use in leather goods and furniture.

Ergonomics & Comfort

Apart from the style and design, the chair is known for its unmatched level of comfort. The deep core cushioning seats conforms and holds onto your body giving you a more relaxed position. This way you can seat for long hours yet feel no exhaustion.

This executive chair has great lumbar support for the back of your body. The tall back design of the chair is well supported by the in-built headrest. The raised headrest supports the neck and head of the body.

The chair has full loop armrests that have thick padding for that extra support for your hands and shoulders while you work at your desk.

Tilt & Recline

The Staples La-Z-Boy Bradley Chair has a swivel base, so you can use it to move around your desk freely and easily. It has a five-star base and top-class casters for easy glide on different surfaces. The chair is recommended for any surfaces but does well on Carpet and hard surfaces.

You can use the lever key to tilt the chair and lock it at your favorite angle. It has 3 tilt positions to enjoy your seating time. 

You can also use the lever to raise or lower the height of the chair. The average height of the chair is 42.5 inches however this can go up to 45.5 inches. You can also lower the height of the chair to work on a smaller desk.

Weight Capacity

This executive chair can accommodate people of all shapes and sizes. It has a weight capacity of 400 pounds or 180 Kg. 

La-Z-Boy Bradley Chair Pros & Cons

Let’s look at the positive and the negative sides of this executive chair.


  • Great style, design, and looks
  • Full loop armrests
  • In-built headrest
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable chair


  • Very expensive in the range
  • Cheap bonded leather

Our Verdict

The La-Z-Boy Bradley Chair is a top-class executive chair with a great design and style. It has many great features and especially fits taller and bigger people. The limited 10 years warranty also makes it unmatchable in the range but the price of the chair is too much. if you are looking for an executive chair then you can get more comfort and style at a lesser price too.

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