Office chairs are a joy to use, but it gets frustrating when they won’t stay up. Office chairs make your job easier on the workstation while giving your backrest in the break. The height of the chair is adjusted correctly, but when it doesn’t stay up, it reduces the efficiency of your job. 

Therefore, it gets essential to fix it as soon as possible. In this piece, we’ll give you some easy tips to fix an office chair that won’t stay up. Some of these fixes are easy for you to apply quickly and get solved in minutes.

Why does the Office Chair Fail to Stay Up?

To fix the issue, it is essential to understand why this issue occurred and how the mechanism works in chairs.

Dysfunctional Gas Cylinder

A gas cylinder is present in the chair. This cylinder contains nitrogen gas. If you want to lift the chair, the air will enter the chamber, and an airtight seal compresses the seal. The level locks the height to the desired position. On the other hand, the air is released when the measurement is reduced. The lever is again used to seal the size.

Broken Seal

An office chair can also be damaged because the seal inside the cylinder is weak, and the gas inside it is leaked. The leakage occurs every time someone sits on a chair. Therefore, the air needs to be filled in the cylinder, and the chair needs several repairs.

How to fix a Sinking Office Chair

Several methods are used to fix the issue, including the hose clamp method, PVC pipe method, and jubilee clip method. We’ll discuss each process one by one.

1. Hose Clamp Method

One most commonly used methods to fix the office chair problem is the Hose clamp method. This method uses a hose clamp or jubilee clip, and therefore, it is also known as the jubilee clip method. This method secures hoses onto the pipe and creates a seal.

This method is used for cars and also in plumbing services. You might need some more tools such as duct tape and a screwdriver.

Set the chair to the preferred height and hold its position. Then wrap up the duct tape around the gas cylinder. Fit the clamp into its place and tighten the hose clamp with a screw. Now, you need to test the chair, enjoy the seat by changing the chair’s height and note if that has fixed the issue or not.

If the problem is not resolved yet, then try to readjust the jubilee clip or hose clip.

2. PVC Pipe Method

For this method, you need a PVC pipe, vice and saw, or any PVC-cutting tool. The first step is to measure the diameter of the chair. Use a measuring tape to determine the length of the cylinder. 

Next, you need a perfect size PVC pipe that could fit over the cylinder. The pipe should be long enough to be extended from the seat level to the chair’s base wheel.

Hold the PVC pipe with vice and cut the PVC pipe to a certain length on one side. Push the slit side of the pipe around to snap on and reveal the plastic skirt of the cylinder. More pieces of the chair can be snapped on if the desired pipe is not attained.

This method is not a long-term solution and can last for only some time. Also, the chair won’t be adjustable after this method.

3. Use Chair Saver Kit

The following solution is installing a chair saver kit. This is a quick trick to restart the chair’s functioning. This method works by adding a series of the ring on the piston of the gas cylinder. The rings will keep the seat at the desired height when the seat is lifted.

Gladly, these rings are very cheap and come with a good warranty. Also, another advantage of using this method is that the rings can be replaced whenever it breaks down, and there is no need to disassemble the whole chair structure to carry out the procedure.

the chair saver kit

4. Replace the Gas Cylinder

Another fix is replacing the gas cylinder. A gas cylinder is the most critical component of the chair, and most of the chairs use the same gas cylinder. A good gas cylinder also increases the performance as well as the durability of the office. It is estimated that the life of an office chair can be increased three times by conditioning the gas cylinder.

If the gas cylinder is damaged or inefficient, you need to know the brand name of the gas cylinder and go to a local store to find a new gas cylinder for your office chair. Follow this procedure to replace the old gas cylinder.

replace gas cylinder

5. Use a Chair Riser

A chair riser is a set of the button present in the bottom section of the chair to increase the chair’s height. They are available in various shapes and sizes depending upon the chair’s legs. These are fixed either inside the chair’s legs or in the chair’s grooves.

Chair Risers

Final Thoughts

Hence, a sinking and dysfunctional chair can be a headache for you and significantly reduce your productivity. But as we have mentioned that there are some innovative and easy solutions to repair your chair. You can use any of these methods, and it depends upon your available resources.

Besides the quick fixes, these methods will also increase the chair’s life, but we still want to advise you to always do your research before buying a chair and make sure that your investment pays off in the end.

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