Fix An Office Chair That Leans

Your office chair needs to be comfortable if you spend long hours in it. But when a chair starts to lean either forward or backward to the side, you need to correct it immediately because it can cause severe backache problems.

Simultaneously you cannot work efficiently when your office chair starts leaning.

You can buy a new office chair when it starts learning, but that will cost you more. So, you need to find out why your office chair is leaning, and correcting them at home can save you money.

The article discusses how to fix an office chair that leans. So, keep scrolling through this article to learn about various reasons for office chair-leaning and how to fix it.

How To Fix An Office Chair That Leans Forward?

If your office chair has started to lean forward, you must check its knob, caster, and seat plates. You must first find out the cause for which your office chair is leaning forward and then repair it.

#1. Casters May Be Broken

Office chairs are equipped with casters or wheels. When you put your office chair on the carpet or floor, the casters or wheels continuously roll around the dust and dirt on the carpet or floor and get attached to it. 

Excess dirt will prevent the casters or wheels of the office chair from moving smoothly on the floor. It can even cause your office chair to lean forward.

 You must first turn your office chairs upside down so that the legs are upward and the seat will face the floor. Remove the wheels of the office chair with a screwdriver and clean it using a lubricant. It will remove all the dust and grime from the casters or wheels of your office chair.

 If you find the wheels broken or damaged, you need to buy new wheels for your office chair and install them. Tighten the screws that come with the wheels of the office chair.

Now check whether your chair is leaning forward. If the leaning disappears, it was because of the wheels on the chair, and you don’t have to inspect other possible reasons for leaning forward.

#2. May Have Problem In Back Plate 

All office chairs are equipped with a back plate. The back plate attaches to the chair by various screws and bolts.

If any screws and bolts are loose or missing, your office chair can lean forward. You can tighten the screws and bolts of the back plate with a screwdriver. If it’s missing, you need to buy some new screws and put them on your back plate.

#3.Tilt Knob

It is the easiest way to fix the problem. You have to turn the knob in an anticlockwise direction till the tilt disappears.

#4. Inspect All The Screws Of The Office Chair

If you have already inspected the casters, back plate, and knob of the office chair and it is still leaning forward, then you need to check all the screws of the office chair and tighten them if needed. If you find any missing screws, buy a new one and put it in place.

If the problem still lingers, you need to buy a new office chair to work long hours.

How to Fix An Office Chair That Leans Backward?

If you’re like most office workers, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of having an office chair that leans backward. Thankfully, there are a few simple steps that you can take to fix an office chair that leans backward and make it more comfortable to use.

#1. May Have An Issue With Wheels Or Casters

All the office chairs have wheels; remember, all four wheels must touch the floor and be of similar height. Sometimes the wheel gets damaged with time or due to unequal weight distribution.

If you find any wheels on your office chair damaged, replace them with a new ones so your office chair will work smoothly.

You need to turn your office chair to one side and remove the broken caster from the office chair with a screwdriver. 

Apply a little grease to decrease friction between the wheels and socket and once the caster is removed, replace it with a new one. You can use a rubber mallet so the castor will go properly inside the socket.

But try to be gentle in this process as it can damage the socket of your office chair badly.

Now sit on the office chair and see whether it is leaning backward. If it continues, then inspect the second step.

#2.Inspect The Seat Plate

You will find a metallic steel plate under your office chair, known as a seat plate. Take a screwdriver and tighten all the screws in the steel plate. If you find any screws missing, purchase and replace them for the smooth functioning of your office chair.

Now sit on the chair to see whether it is leaning backward. If the problem persists, then you need to follow step 3.


The components of the chair become dry or rust with time. You need to lubricate various parts of the chair to solve this problem.

#4. Adjust Tilt Tension

The problem can be because of tilt tension. You need to sit on the chair and check to which extent it is leaning backward.

 Next, you must find the tilt knob, usually under the chair. You have to move the tilt knob till you reach a point where the chair’s leaning is comfortable. Now release the tilt knob, and your problem is solved.

How To Fix An Office Chair That Leans To One Side?

Chairs are a staple in any office. But what do you do when your chair starts to lean to one side? Here are a few tips on how to fix an office chair that leans to one side.

#1.Uneven Castors

If one of the castors or wheels of your office chair is bent or damaged, then it will lean to one side.

With time, the chair’s wheels can be bent because of unequal weight distribution or wear and tear.

If you detect a damaged wheel or it is bent, you need to replace it with a new one. It’s pretty hard to replace the castor. You need to purchase the entire set for your office chair.

#2. Check Steel Plate

You need to check the steel plate on the bottom of the chair. Any missing screws or nuts can be the reason for leaning your chair sideways.

Additionally, the steel plate can be bent or rust with time. It can also be why your office chair is leaning sideways. If this is the case, you need to replace the steel plate with a new one.

How To Fix An Office Chair That Doesn’t Lean?

If your chair isn’t leaning back properly, it can cause all sorts of problems, from tension headaches to neck pain. Here are a few tips on how to fix an office chair that does not lean.

#1.Lubricate The Cylinder

  • Turn the office chair so the seat will face the floor and the legs upwards.
  • You need to take out the gas cylinder. The gas cylinder is secured in its position by a metal clip. You have to remove the clip.
  • Now remove the washer and nut.
  • Remove bearings
  • Now clean your cylinder properly to remove dirt and oil with a paper towel.
  • Apply a lubricant throughout the cylinder when it is properly cleaned.
  • Put the washer and ring back in their position.
  • Reattach the metal clip.

#2.Fix The Recline Lever

If the recline lever is damaged, your office chair will not lean. You need to inspect it and replace it if required.

#3.Adjust The Tension Knob

If the tension is very high, then the office chair will not lean. So, adjust it so that the office chair will function properly.

#4. Replace Recliner Spring

If the recliner spring is broken, then your chair will not lean. You need to replace the recliner spring of the office chair with a new one.


Fixing a leaning office chair is not a big challenge. You need to check your office chair thoroughly, inspect the reasons for which it is leaning, and then solve it accordingly.

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