Standing Desk Vs Ergonomic Chair

Using a computer for more than 8 hours a day can result in several health problems like carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, shoulder pain, and excess weight gain.

Sedentary work is not suitable for your health, but you are compelled to do it to earn a living. So, what can you for avoiding these health issues?

There are two ways in which you can optimize your working habit at work. You can choose either standing desks or ergonomic chairs.

The article discusses standing desk vs ergonomic chair: which one is better and why?

So, keep scrolling through this article to learn more about standing desks and ergonomic chairs.

Standing Desk Vs Ergonomic Chair

#1. Functions

A standing desk allows you to stand and work for a longer time. It is a desk of larger height so that you can stand comfortably and work. The best thing about this chair is that you can adjust the height according to your comfort. 

You will find two types of standing desks in the market.

  • The first is an electric standing desk in which you can adjust the desk’s height by pressing a button. If you are tired after standing for a few hours, you can lower the desk’s height and sit down for some time to rest your legs.
  • The second is a manual sit-stand desk in which you have cranks that you need to turn manually to adjust the desk’s height.

But everyone doesn’t feel comfortable working on the computer by standing for long hours. If you work in traditional office chairs, your body will lean forward and backward while working, which can cause back pain and several health issues. 

Ergonomic chairs are appropriately designed, allowing your body to sit in the proper position while working for longer hours.

You can adjust the armrest and seat height easily in an Ergonomic chair. It helps you to work in a correct posture. Try to choose a chair that is at least 16 to 21 inches from ground level.


Unfortunately, most people are working for 10 hours a day sitting in front of a computer with few minutes of break in between. It increases the risk of diabetes, blood pressure, and heart problems.

Researchers believe that when you work at a standing desk, then it helps in reducing your weight. A study on Standing Based office work by the National Library of medicine shows that the participants who stood for 180 minutes after a meal and did their office work had a 43 percent decrease in blood sugar spike than those who sat and did office work.

Simultaneously you will have a reduced risk of back and shoulder pain when you work at a standing desk for long hours.

Now let’s talk about the importance of Ergonomic chairs.

These chairs are designed to keep your spinal cord in proper alignment. So, in short, these chairs help in reducing back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain. But unfortunately, by sitting on an Ergonomic chair, you cannot burn calories.

Research says you can burn more than 170 calories daily by standing and doing work compared to sitting and working on the computer.

Sitting on an Ergonomic chair after meals can cause high blood sugar levels. But this is not the case with a standing desk.

 So, if you are a diabetic or heart patient, you will surely get more health benefits from standing at a desk rather than sitting on an Ergonomic chair. 

#3.Energy Level

The energy levels increase while working at a standing desk. Apart from energy levels, one’s mood changes while working at a standing desk. A study on Occupational Sitting time by the National Library of Medicine says that individuals who stand for long hours have a better outlook than their peers who sit and work for long hours. 

But unfortunately, in an Ergonomic chair, you must sit for hours and work. Your energy levels are dropped when you sit in one place for longer hours.


The price of the standing desk and ergonomic chairs will vary depending on the material, brand, location of your purchase, and many other features. However, the standing desk will cost you more than an Ergonomic chair.

#5.Back Pain

Are you struggling with back pain? If yes, a standing desk will provide more relief from back pain than an ergonomic chair. It is because you can stretch your spinal cord better and reduce back pain at standing desks.


Standing desks are usually comprised of wood, PVC, or polypropylene where as Ergonomic chair contains leather or velvet to give you comfort while sitting and doing office work.


Standing desk lowers the risk of obesity, but Ergonomic chairs can increase your chances of obesity. Remember, obesity can lead to other health issues like blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, and many more.


Both standing desks and Ergonomic chairs are good for your health compared to traditional office chairs. So, choosing between a standing desk and an Ergonomic chair is challenging.

If you suffer from obesity just by sitting on an Ergonomic chair for prolonged hours, then you need to shift to a standing desk. It will help you greatly in reducing obesity.

Some people enjoy combining both sitting and standing work at a standing desk. But if you feel tired, just by standing consistently on your feet for eight hours, then you should shift to an Ergonomic chair. Your leg pain will go away after working on an Ergonomic chair for a few days.

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