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Old or ordinary office chairs can be painful if you sit for long hours on the chair. It can lead to back and neck pain and other body aches.

If you are a gamer, programming specialist, a designer who sits for long hours and sessions on a chair then you need a good quality chair that will support your whole body and make your seating more comfortable.

A good office chair is a very good investment because you seat on it all day and it must be ergonomic, and comfortable otherwise it will hurt your body. You need a healthy body to work with full productivity for long years.

Here is a guide to a high-quality Office chair, the Staples Hyken Technical Task Mesh Chair. This chair has been highly rated by its users. Let’s dive into the details of the Staples Hyken Review.

Staples Hyken is a mesh chair made that is breathable and supports the full body from the back to the head.

Staples Hyken Mesh Chair Specifications

Adjustable Height45.28 Inches(min) and 49.76 inches(max)
Seat Dimensions27.1 Inches Width, 27.2 Inches Depth
Color optionsBlack, Charcoal Gray, and Maroon
Floor TypeCarpet and Hard Floors
Weight Load capacity275 pounds
Chair Weight28 Pounds

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Staples Hyken Technical Task Mesh Chair

Features of the Chair:

  • Mesh Construction makes seating comfortable, the back of the chair, the seat, and the headrest all are made from breathable mesh. The mesh fabric holds your body well and retracts to its original shape after the use
  • It has lumbar support  in the back and can be adjusted according to your seating position
  • Great value for offices and work-from-home setups
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Adjustable armrests with hard foam padding for support, it has vertical adjustments
  • Adjustable headrest-2 adjustments for the headrest
  • The recliner function is really good. Adjustable back seat and recliner you can watch a movie while seating on the chair. Lock-in recliner feature, you can lock the chair in your favorite recliner position
  • Pneumatic Hydraulic lift to go up and down to adjust chair height for different work positions.
  • Tilt tensioner which gives it a more springy feel when you tilt
  • Plastic Legs and carpet-friendly casters or wheels

1. Material:

It is made up of breathable mesh so if you sweat a lot while working for hours then this chair is best suitable for you. It allows you to stay cool and work. Its mesh upholstery allows airflow and supports your whole body at the same time. This chair has a solid construction with steel and hard plastic. 

2. Ergonomics:

Staple Hyken offers a lot of ergonomic functionality. It offers 4 adjustability features overall. 

  • It has a tilt mechanism and you can lock in at your favorite seating position. There are 3 positions that can be used for all kinds of work like working on the computer, reading, relaxing watching movies, or playing video games.
  • Its headrest can be adjusted to two positions.
  • You can increase or decrease the height of the chair according to your requirement by pulling the hydraulic lever.
  • Its armrests are also adjustable though only vertically.

It offers great lumbar support and adjusts according to your movement on the chair. This is a high-back chair which means it supports your whole back, neck, and headrest which is very essential for a pain-free work experience.

3. Weight Capacity:

This chair supports up to 250 pounds or 114 Kg of weight. This chair rolls and moves well if someone within this weight limit uses the chair.

4. Other Features:

Staples Hyken is a great chair within the budget of 150$. Its casters are perfect for carpets and don’t ruin them after long use.

Pros and Cons of Staples Hyken Mesh Chair


Here are the strengths of Staples Hyken Chair:

  1. Really good value for money, it’s a budget chair, and for 150$ you will find all functionality you can look for in a modern desk chair
  2. Very easy to assemble and it takes approximately 20 minutes to fully assemble and ready to use
  3. Mesh seats keep you cool for long hours and no more sweating
  4. Provides lumbar support for a better seating posture
  5. 3 levels of recliner adjustments
  6. It is a high-back chair and supports from back to head


Weaknesses or Downsides of Staples Hyken Technical Task Chair:

  1. Armrests are made from plastic and hard foam material, so you may need to put in extra padding to make your arms comfortable
  2. Not ideal if you are above 5 feet 10 inches because if you are above that then its headrest will hit your lower neck rather than your head.
  3. The Recliner handles are made from cheap hard plastic
  4. Armrests are adjustable but only vertically not horizontally
  5. Narrow seats for someone bulky and over 250 pounds


Does Staples Hyken chair recline?

Yes, it does recline and its tilt movement can be adjusted into 3 different angles from 90 degrees to 140 degrees.

This chair is incredibly comfortable and offers the best support for your back. You can also adjust them to different positions, which is essential when you need to relax but still want to be able to read or watch TV comfortably.

Is the Staples Hyken good for short people?

Yes, it is suitable for shorter people. It has adjustable chair height and armrests which are required for shorter people to fit into a standard chair.

How much does the Hyken chair weigh?

The Staples Hyken chair weighs approximately 28.2 pounds.


The mesh back on the Staples Hyken Mesh Chair is a great addition to the chair, it makes it feel more modern, more comfortable, and helps with air circulation. This item will make a great addition to any office environment. 

If you are on a budget and willing to spend $150 on a chair, this is the one to get. As someone who has worked in an office for over 10 years, I can say that it’s definitely worth the price.

If you are interested in learning more about this product, please visit the website for further details.

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