How much do office chairs weigh

The average office chair weighs about 40 pounds. The heaviest office chair can go up to 60 pounds, and the lightest goes down to 7 pounds.

For example, the normal office chairs made of a metal frame with a leather finish are usually around 20-40 pounds. But if you look for high-end ergonomic chairs, they may weigh up to 40-60 pounds because of their high-density foam padding.

Whether you are working from home or in an office, you spend a lot of your time sitting in a chair. It emphasizes that office chairs are an essential thing and should be chosen very wisely.

Here in this piece, we’ll talk about how much do office chairs weigh and their significance while buying an office chair.

How much do Office Chairs Weigh?

There are so many types of office chairs, and the question gets challenging to answer. Some chairs are united for ergonomic features, while the others are focused on the design.

We would divide the office chairs into two broad categories; one is a standard office chair and the other one big and tall office chair.

The standard weight of an office chair is 13 KG or 24 pounds. But this is the standard, and there is much deviation in the consequences.

So, let’s look at some of the finest and best-selling office chairs on amazon and check their weights.

So using the information above, we can say that an office chair has typically 24 pounds of weight, and it can have a weight capacity of 250 pounds.

Different Office Chair Brands and their Weights

Chair BrandWeight CapacityChair Weight
IKEA MARKUS110 Kilograms or 242 Pounds22 Kg or 48 Pounds
Herman Miller159 Kilograms or 350 Pounds16 Kilograms or 35 Pounds
Steelcase181 Kilograms or 400 Pounds26 Kilograms or 57 Pounds
Union and Scale125 Kilograms or 275 Pounds22 Kilograms or 48 Pounds
Hbada113 kilograms or 250 Pounds11 Kilograms or 24 Pounds
Furmax120 Kilograms or 265 Pounds11 Kilograms or 23.6 Pounds
SIHOO145 Kg or 320 Pounds20 kilograms or 44 Pounds
VECELO Desk Chair129 Kilograms or 285 Pounds9.5 Kilograms or 21 pounds
KOLLIEE Office Chair113 Kilograms or 250 Pounds10 Kilograms or 21.9 pounds
Flash Office ChairKilograms or 250 Pounds9 Kilograms or 20 pounds
Amazon Basics Office Chair125 Kilograms or 275 Pounds15 Kilograms or 32.7 pounds

Different Types of Office Chairs and Their Weights

Office Chair TypeWeight CapacityWeight
Ergonomic Office Chair234 Pounds27 Pounds
Mesh Chair250 Pounds19 Pounds
Upholstered Computer Chair275 Pounds28 Pounds
Metal PU Leather Finish Chair275 Pounds32 Pounds
Plush Microfibre Office Chair250 Pounds41 Pounds
Leather Office Chair275 Pounds41 Pounds

Why is the weight of an office chair is significant?

So right now, you’re probably asking yourself, okay, great, I know how much an office chair weighs. Why is this important?

You must be wondering why the weight of an office chair is so crucial and why I should I care about the chair’s weight. Well, there are some significant reasons to notice for an office chair, and here we have highlighted all of them.

Well, typically for the following reasons:

  • Safety
  • Cost
  • Weight capacity
  • Space

1. Safety

Safety is always paramount, mainly for health reasons. A heavier chair affects your back, whereas a lighter chair is suitable for your back. A heavier chair can create health risks, and there are so many problems directly related to ergonomic features the weight of the chairs.

2. Cost

Weight is directly related to the item’s cost, mainly if we talk about shipping items. The heavier the item, the more will be its cost.

It could also happen in some situations that the cost of the item will almost be equivalent to the shipping price of the item. So, weight is a significant variable that affects weight.

3. Weight Capacity

A heavier chair has a greater weight capacity than a lighter chair. Weight capacity is the amount of weight a chair can easily bear, and it is different for different chairs. If you add a weight of 300 pounds to a chair with a weight capacity of 150 pounds, it will affect the chair’s durability.

4. Space

A heavier chair occupies more room than a light chair. Usually, the heavier chair has a large and high back, which is not great for a small office. So, it is always advisable to go with a smaller and lighter chair for a small and congested office.

How to Choose an Office Chair- A Buying Guide

1. Adjustable Height Option

The first to notice in an office chair is the adjustable height option, and thankfully most of the office chairs have this option.

As the height of every person is not the same, that’s why these chairs are designed so that people of different sizes can comfortably use the same product.

The height of a great chair is adjusted to sit on the chair with a flat fleet so that the blood can flow through his legs.

2. Swivel Motion

Not all office chairs swivel. The majority of the office chairs swivel. Some of the offices prefer a static chair, mainly if they do not move in their work.

Still swiveling is an excellent feature of a chair, and it adds more comfort to the back. It would help if you looked for a swiveling chair.

3. Adjustable Backrest

Backrest and lumbar support are two of the handy features of a chair, and they are great too. An ergonomically correct chair allows the users to relieve any pressure on the upper.

It also adapts the users’ posture and dramatically reduces the stress level on the muscles and vertebrae.

4. Seat Material

The seat of the chair should be padded with suitable material to add more comfort to the chair. The padding on the armrest and the back are equally crucial.

The padding should be made of such material that could hold a firm a considerable weight capacity.

5. Adjustable Armrests

Armrests were previously considered unnecessary, but it was later found that they had a significant role in avoiding straining in the neck.

The armrests should not be too high or too low; otherwise, they will cause severe problems to your back and neck.

6. Overall Chair Utilization

The total utilization of the chair is also essential; if you don’t utilize your chairs for a more extended period, then the adjustable features of the chairs are crucial, and the lumbar support gets very vital.

7. Arm Width and Height

Chairs that do not have arm support make the employees uncomfortable, and the employees have to shrug their shoulders to rest their arms.

There are specific tips to overcome that problem. Firstly the back of the chair should be at least in the middle of the shoulder blades.

Secondly, the office chairs should have a tension and tilt option to offer the chair to recline to determine how much force is required.

8. Seat Depth

Some chairs are equipped with seat depth adjustments, allowing the user to slide forward and back for different leg lengths.

9. Seat Pan Tilt

The best office chairs allow the user to adjust the tilt of the seat pan. This allows the user to correct the thigh position and sitting posture.

10. Foot Ring Height

Foot ring height is another feature that is found in only a certain number of chairs, but it is excellent, and you should look for those with this feature.

Top Office Chair Brands

If you are taking the office chair purchase seriously, you also need to know about some of the best office chairs available in the market.

Here we have enlisted the top 5 brands of office chairs.

1. Branch Furniture

This is on top of our list. Brand furniture offers of range of chairs, desks, and accessories for home and commercial spaces.

2. Herman Miller

The second on our list is an ergonomic chair design. It is a Michigan-based company that makes the world’s most iconic chairs.

3. Knoll

The third one is a designer and manufacturer of office and home chairs. Their selection of ergonomically designed chairs is enormous.

4. Serta

Serta is also known for its excellent customer satisfaction and ranked fourth on our list.

5. Smugdesk

Smugdesk is another perfect brand in the office chair business, and it also offers very durable and stylish office chairs.


We have covered everything here. Hopefully, before you start looking for office chairs, this guide will help you determine the type of chair you want and the particular features you want in your chair. The key for you is to consider support, comfort, and adjustability.

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