How Long Do Office Chairs Last

Finding a perfect quality office chair is essential to any business. The significant investment that you make while buying needs proper planning; otherwise, it will create discomfort in your workplace, and there will be a need to replace them sooner. In this piece, you’ll know how long do office chairs last and the reasons for their short lifespan. 

How often should office chairs be replaced?

It depends upon the design, quality, and characteristics of the Chair. A chair can be for a year if it is an average quality chair and can last a decade if it is a good quality chair. Ideally, a chair lasts five to eight years.
There is one crucial point to note that it does not depend upon the warranty period of the Chair. So, if you are looking for a chair that lasts in your office, you need to pay for the quality.

Why do office chairs wear out?

Some determining factors can reduce the lifespan of an office chair. We have complied with these factors for you here.

Excessive usage in multi-shifts

Usually, a chair comes with an 8-10 hours usage per day. The reason to mention this daily frame by the manufacturers is to give some rest to the Chair.

Environmental factors

The next factor is directly related to the other factors, such as weight capacity and fabric selection. It is observed that the office chairs in a warehouse do not last longer than chairs in a clean environment. The dirty and dusty environment affects the functioning of the Chair and also affects the fabric.

Cheaply made chair components

Deficient quality components are the prime mechanic factor involved in reducing the life span of a chair. A chair is made up of levers, handles, knobs, and castors. All these parts should be of high quality to increase the life span of a chair.

A buyer should ask for the manufacturing company or a guarantee from the seller if any part of the Chair breaks down while buying it to ensure the quality of components.

How long should I use the same Chair?

There are some clear signs which will tell you when it is the right time to replace the Chair. These signs are:

1. Broken Parts

It gets almost impossible to work with an armless chair or broken wheels. A dysfunctional level will now allow your office chair to be adjusted, and you are stuck in one position. In the workplace with so much workload, these small broken chair parts create uncomfortableness for the user and delay the work.

2. Damaged fabric or back seat

A damaged backseat or fabric not only affects the comfort of the Chair but also makes it uglier. The damaged cushion exposes the inner material of the Chair. There is also one crucial factor attached to the pillow, which is that it reduces back pain.

3. Miscellaneous discomforts

Some other miscellaneous discomforts are attached with an old office chair, which will make you feel that you need a new chair. These various discomforts could be non-adjustable lever or rust on the Chair’s material. These problems are evident for an old chair, and it makes you feel that the Chair is a mismatch for your office.

How Long Do Office Chairs Last
Types of Chairs and Their Average Life Span

Problems/Issues in Using old Office Chairs

There are some very devastating effects of sitting in an old and uncomfortable chair, and these problems are

Back Problems

According to Office National CEO Gavin Ward, sitting on an old chair is the new smoking. When you sit in an old chair, it keeps your back in an uncomfortable position for a more extended period. This uncomfortable feeling is often observed in the form of an ache in the back and can lead to severe back problems in the long term.

Poor Blood Circulation

It is hard to believe the fact that an old chair affects the blood circulation of your body. This happens when the Chair gets immovable due to a dysfunctional level. It then affects the circulation in your legs, shoulders, and back.

If you are not planning to replace the Chair right away, you need to regularly exercise to improve circulation in your body.

Gas Cylinder Problems

The most common problem with an old chair is the gas cylinder. The problems happen because the cylinder gets ineffective or adjustable due to excessive weight on the Chair. The good thing is that it is not difficult to repair the gas cylinder. But the Chair has to be replaced after a certain amount of replacements.

How long do mesh office chairs last?

Usually, a mesh chair remains functional for seven to ten years. Again, it depends upon the quality of the Chair. A mesh chair bought from a reputable brand with good consumer reviews can last long longer than an anonymous brand mesh chair with inferior components.

There are some other factors, such as the usage of the Chair, which affects the life span.

How long should a gaming chair last?

The life of a gaming chair is comparatively shorter than a mesh chair. A gaming chair lasts for a minimum of two years, but most users manage to keep it for 3 to 5 years. The factors for increasing or shortening the lifespan are the same.

Do Mesh Office Chairs Wear Out Faster Then Leather?

The durability of a mesh chair is not comparable to leather or another type of Chair. One of the significant disadvantages of a mesh chair is its durability of Chair. The softness of the meshes, although conform to body contours it increases the sagging of the Chair.

On the other hand, leather chairs wear better. The fundamental difference between the durability of these two types is their design and usage. A mesh chair is designed for combining ventilation with comfort, whereas leather chairs were intended for their elegant look.

Type of Chairs and their Avg. lifespan:

Type of Chairs Average Life Span
Office Chair sand Their Life Span

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