What is a Curble Chair

Whether we are working from home or at the office it is a normal practice to seat for 6-8 hours minimum depending upon many things. We sit for long hours working, talking, watching, or playing.

But we never realize a few important things that are critical to follow while seating such as

  • Not moving enough while seating
  • Not Taking Breaks
  • Don’t Seat in the correct posture
  • Slouching instead of seating upright

What happens next is you feel pain in different parts of your body like back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, sciatica, and all sorts of body aches. We experience all this without even realizing this is caused due to improper seating posture.

But today we are going to talk about a special chair that is portable and can be used anywhere like on a chair or on the floor. This unique chair is called a Curble chair and it is a helping hand for correcting posture while seating.

Seating properly and upright is the first step to a good seating posture while working. Chairs also play a crucial role in how we sit and how comfortably we sit while we work, watch TV, or play games. Ergonomic chairs provide a lot of freedom of movement while sitting. 

What is a Curble chair?

When we seat in a lazy or drooping way for hours we unintentionally damage the structure of our body. A curble chair corrects the seating posture and is also popularly known as the posture chair or posture curble chair.

You can use this chair on top of an office chair, floor chair, couch, recliner, or any other chair. You can also use the curble chair while sitting on the floor.

how does a curble chair work
A Curble Chair dispersing the pressure from the lower back

The Curble chair naturally brings your hips together to disperse the pressure concentrated on your back to allow you to seat smoothly for a longer time period. The curved seats on the chair hold your pelvis together and keep your spine upright in a natural position.

When we sit for a longer period our mind is engaged in the work and our body is ignored. As the time passes by our posture becomes crouching and leads to additional pressure on our waist.

A study conducted by top Physiotherapists says 85% of extra pressure is put on the back due to bad posture. This extra pressure leads to back pain over time.

A Curble chair keeps your spine upright in a natural “S” shape which is an ideal posture.

Features & Benefits of Curble Chair

The aim of a Curble Posture chair is to correct your posture while you seat. Seating in a correct posture reduces many impacts on the body and improves the way our body functions.

Let us see the most important features and benefits of a Curble Chair.

Features of Curble Chair


Curble Chairs are ergonomic in design and they are built to support your back. When you sit on it your body weight is naturally balanced thus maintaining the correct posture. It helps you sit with a correctly aligned spine.

The ergonomic design also helps you bend backward and forward thus maintaining the movement while you sit on it.

Elastic Back-

The high elastic material on the back makes them flexible and you can bend your back for better movement. It supports the back better.

Weight Load Capacity-

A curble chair can bear up to 417 kgs or  920 lb of compressive weight load which is enormous.

Curble Wider Posture Correction Chair

Easy to Use-

A curble chair is very easy to use, just place it on top of your office chair or floor, and you are all set. You can use it on any surface or chairs like the office chair, floor chair, wooden chair, desk chair, gaming chair, school chair, computer chair, sofa, bed, couch, recliner, and floor.

You can use the curble chair both indoors and outdoors in areas like gardens and parks.


Curble chairs are lightweight and hence easily portable. You can carry them virtually anywhere with a built-in carrying handle that comes attached.

The Curble chair comes in 3 types- Curble Standard, Curble Wider, and Curble for Kids. The Standard one weighs approximately 800 gms, the wider one weighs 880 gms, and the Kids one weighs around 500gms.

Size and Shape- 

Curble chairs are made to fit every one of different shapes and sizes.

If you are of standard height and weight up to 6 ft and 80 kgs(176 lbs) then you should choose the standard curble chair which is 33 inches(L) x 34 inches (W) x 33 inches (H) in dimension.

Someone who is above 6ft or weighs more than 100 kgs should choose the Curble wider which is 38 inches(L) x 31.5 inches (W) x 31.5 inches (H) in dimension.

For the Kids, you can order the curble chair kids which are 31.5 inches(L) x 28.5 inches (W) x 28.5 inches (H) in dimension


Curble chairs are durable and can withstand weight and pressure for long years without breaking.


The body of the chair is made from polyamide 6 resin also known as Nylon 6.6 or Nylon 6. this thermoplastic resin is made up of waste plastic and recycled plastic. the padding is made up of PU(Polyurathene) foam and polyester fabric.

Benefits of Using a Curble Chair

Corrects Posture-

One of the most prominent benefits of using a curble chair is that it corrects your seating posture. A correct sitting posture is when you sit upright and your spine forms a natural “S” form. It improves your seating posture.

correct posture with a curble chair
Correct your posture With a Curble Chair

Spinal Alignment-

When you sit on a curble chair the weight of your pelvis is spread evenly which puts less or no stress on your back and helps you sit with an upright spine naturally. 

Synchronize Workplace with Chair-

It helps you synchronize your workplace with your chair by letting you sit in a correct posture. When you seat with an upright spine, relaxed elbows, and shoulders you can work for longer without experiencing any pain.

Reduces Body Pain-

Seating in a correct posture puts less stress on the back and other body parts. It helps alleviate back pain, strains on the neck, and shoulder pain.

How does a Curble Chair Work?

As time passes by we forget to keep our body in an upright position we tend to slouch forward or backward. This puts a lot of stress on our back because our muscles are stretched trying to hold our body. So they are not doing what they are supposed to be. This puts a lot of stress o our muscles.

A curble chair helps us sit upright, it keeps our hips together and the pressure is spread across. This action puts minimal stress on our back and we can sit with an upright spine. Our spine is in its natural shape. This is the correct posture for seating.

You can work for a long while seating in the correct posture.

You don’t need to sit continuously on a curble chair to improve posture. It is a practice that you have to adapt. In the initial phase use a curble chair for 30-60 minutes 1-3 times a day. Practice this for 2-3 weeks and you will see tremendous results.

Are Curble chairs effective?

There is no doubt that Curble chairs are extremely comfortable and offer great support. They are perfect for people who suffer from back pain or have other health issues that make sitting for long periods of time difficult.

However, some people have complained that the chairs are not very durable and tend to break easily. Overall, Curble chairs are a great option for people who need a comfortable and supportive chair, but they may not be the best choice for everyone.

How do you sit on the Curble?

There are several ways to sit on the Curble chair, depending on your preference. The most common way is to sit with your legs crossed at the ankles and your back straight.

Alternatively, you can sit with your legs crossed at the knees, or with one leg crossed over the other at the ankles. You can also sit with your legs straight out in front of you, or with one leg tucked underneath the other.

Whichever way you choose to sit, the important thing is to maintain a good posture and to keep your back straight.

Curble Chair Price

The price of curble chairs ranges from $45-$200 depending upon the size, quality, and brand. Curble chairs come in 3 varieties Standard, Wider, and kids. They are different in shape and size and the price varies accordingly.


The Curble Chair is an ergonomic chair designed to help you sit more comfortably for longer periods of time. A Curble Chair is a special type of chair with a flexible frame that bends and will accommodate any sized person to sit comfortably.

The chair is designed to keep your spine properly aligned when sitting. The back of the chair will conform to your back and keep it in a more natural position. We hope you enjoyed our article on the Curble Chair!

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