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Hanging swing chairs are a symbol of relaxation and enjoyment. However, there are certain factors beyond the aesthetics which are very important to consider before buying the best outdoor swing chairs for the Home beyond the aesthetics and style.

14 Factors to Consider Before Buying Any Outdoor Swing Chair

Here in this piece, we’ll highlight some of the critical factors you need to consider before purchasing an ideal swing chair for your house.

1. Size

The dimensions of the swing chairs, such as height, shape, and width of the chair, ought to significantly impact the decision process.

It is advisable to measure the space in which you will place the chair and purchase the chair according to the measurement.

2. The Weight Capacity

This is another significant factor for swing chairs. Each chair is designed to uphold a certain weight, also known as its weight capacity.

The chains attached to the swing chairs can hold a specific or limited amount of weight. It would help if you considered factors such as who will utilize the chair and how much weight capacity that chair uphold.

3. Shape

Swing chairs are available in various shapes, and the comfortableness of the chair is directly related to the form of the chair.

You need to check if the swing chairs have pads for back help. Cup holders are also available if you want to enjoy your coffee while sitting on a chair.

4. Rattan Type

Rattan is a naturally renewable palm that grows in tropical regions. There are two types of rattan; one is a natural rattan, while the other is synthetic rattan.

Synthetic rattan has opposition against the climate components. Therefore, it is best for outdoor uses, while the natural rattan is more suitable for indoor services.

5. Chair’s Warranty

Warranty is always a great feature of any product. Warranty is directly related to the quality of the chair. But it will be useless if the customer service can not keep its promises.

6. Wooden or Metal Chair

The material also plays a vital role in the swing chair selection metal chairs are preferred for their strength, whereas wooden chairs enhance the garden’s look.

This factor is also related the weight utilization. A metal chair would be great if you are anticipating much weight on the chair.

7. Outdoor Usage Features

Some features are made explicitly for outdoor elements, and you need to check out those features before buying swing chairs.

The seat should be water-resistant, particularly if you want to use it near the pool or if you want to use the chair in the rainy season.

8. Read Reviews

Reviews are always recommended before purchasing any product. You should check out the different stores and thoughts below the lists to contact the best merchant for the purchase.

9. Does it Match Your Garden?

An essential thing to choose a swing chair, particularly for outdoor use such as your garden, is matching your garden or decking area.

The swing chairs are available in the rectangular as well as in the wooden models. Wooden models are great because they tie to the rustic theme.

The metals or resin are also great options, but only choose the plastic option if you are running low on budget.

10. Color Selection

Color selection should be according to the decor of your house. This is a handy tip for indoor swing chairs.

11. Fabric

Most of the models in the chairs are great for indoor and outdoor uses, but if you are using them outdoor, you need to check if the elements are UV-resistant.

Also, if you have kids in your house, then using a washable cushion is excellent.

12. Stand

These chairs come with a stand. Some stands take up more space than others. Circular base stands tend to take more space than the models with legs.

13. Safety

Kids love to play around the swing chairs, which leads to another significant concern: safety. Safety is another important consideration of the swing chairs.

You do not want your children to hurt while playing on the swing chairs. The durability of the slides and swing matters a lot in this context.

If it’s wood, then you don’t want your kids to get splinters while playing on a wooden swing chair. The US commission for product safety also lists some safety regulations which e companies need to obey while manufacturing the chairs.

14. Swing Path

Most of the swing chairs come with back to front motion and side to side motion. Swing chairs that offer both these options should be preferred over those chairs which provide only one swing path.

4 Best Outdoor Swing Chairs for the Home and Garden

1. Luckyberry Outdoor Wicker Tear Drop Hanging Egg Chair

The Luckyberry Outdoor Wicker Tear Drop Hanging Egg Chair is a must-buy product for someone who loves to sit, relax and swing.

The most attractive thing is its design which is truly comfortable to sit and even adds highlights to your home interior.

The chair comes up with good packaging and an instruction manual on how to assemble it, which takes little time and effort but anyone can do it.

The chair itself comes with five pieces the top piece, the two sides, the bottom piece, and the rod along with you will get extra screws in case you lost some.

Talking about the design as the name suggests, it is an egg-shaped swing, available in black and brown color made with good quality iron frame.

It can be installed anywhere in the room or outdoors. It also comes with a cover, if you live in an area where you have a yard or garden and if the weather is unpredictable over there then the cover will protect it.

To ensure safety there is a strip that is attached from the bottom of the chair to the bottom of the rod and it is really helpful if it gets windy anytime.

The cushions are comfortable and waterproof so you don’t have to worry about the water spill. The dimension of the chair is satisfactory which makes it possible for one adult and one kid to sit comfortably.

So if you are someone who enjoys reading or watch movies or videos with your child then this product is definitely for you. One of the major drawbacks is that it will need two people to move it into some other area without dismantling it.

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2. GREENSTELL EGG Hanging Chair

GREENSTELL store is famous for home organization products including racks, furniture, hooks, swing chairs, and other home décor products. Here we are going to review its hammock chair purchased through Let’s have a look.

The GREENSTELL EGG hanging chair has an eye-catching egg shape that is made with a hand-woven process. It is hanged with stainless steel pad-screw and comes with cushions, pillows, and hanging kits. It usually comes in brown and black color with bright color cushions and pillows.

I received my stylish chair with a perfectly woven ergonomic design in black color along with red color cushions and pillows which help release fatigue while sitting on it. It was perfect for the curve of my body as it made me comfortable and enjoy my leisure time.

As the screw-pad was placed outside on the porch and the GREENSTELL Egg chair was hung with it, it was easy to clean the dust by removing super easy pillows and cushions.

The hooks, expansion screws, and ordinary screws were really easy to install and made it easy to hang the GREENSTELL Egg chair.

If one wants the 360o rotation, a chain can be ordered to hang the chair as when it is hung with a pad using screws, moving around can twist up the chain.

These chairs are super comfy and can be used for a long time if someone is careful during harsh weather while hanging them outside.  This Egg-chair hatches relaxation and beauty at the same time.

Hence, it is worthy of investment to buy this chair from the GREENSTELL store at and décor your home with beauty as it can be used for indoor, outdoor, patio, and garden.

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3. Walker Edison Carmel Modern Rattan Hanging Egg Swing Chair

Everyone at some point in time needs comfort, especially in the home setting. One of the things that offer such kind of comfort is a stylish chair, especially the egg-shaped hanging type of chair.

Walker Edison Carmel Modern Rattan Hanging Egg Swing Chair is a more specific example of such a chair that promises a comfy experience.

  • The chair offers you an opportunity to spend some me-time in a cocoon’s protective comfort since it has the following main attributes:
  • Rope exterior for a collapsible frame.
  • Powder-coated steel, curved chair frame, and stand.
  • UV resistant, outdoor-friendly cushions with fabric ties.
  • Resin rattan wicker-inspired look.

You can use the Walker Edison Carmel Modern Rattan Hanging Egg Swing Chair with Stand as a stylish egg chair, hanging chair, patio chair, or hammock chair.

Its egg-chair curved frame serves as an inspiration thing if you want to read a book or watch a movie, or even just to browse your tablet or phone all day.

Actually, the oval, swing chair provides a nest where you can adventure into the sci-fi fantasy or fairytale world. So as you seat and swing the chair, get at whimsical relaxation effect.

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4. Wicker Rattan Swing Chair for 2 Persons

Wicker Rattan Swing Chair is the perfect piece of furniture for your home’s comfy corner. You can release the stress of the day and get comfy in this spacious swing chair. It has ample space for two persons and lets you relax well. An excellent pick for couples and friends!

The egg-shaped design complements the interiors and gives a modern and stylish look to your home. The waterproof and rust-proof materials reduce the stress of high maintenance.

The bronze iron frame and rattan basket will last for years as it is made of anti-corrosion materials. The body of the chair is hand-woven with care and it ensures durability.

It can be placed outside also as it comes with rain and dust protection covers. The cushions made of high-quality cotton supports you well and gives you a relaxed atmosphere.

The cushions are made in accordance with the curving of body and it supports the head and neck.

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To wrap up, swing chairs are a great addition to your house, and it is undoubtedly going to add a more aesthetic look to your home. But make sure to check the factors mentioned above before a perfect swing chair for your house.

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