IKEA Järvfjället Office Chair

IKEA Järvfjället has been around for many years now but the recent version released in 2022 comes with adjustable armrests and many other features.

I was looking for a new office chair for my home office set up. I came up with this new elegant white color leather IKEA chair that is looking perfect for my desk. After using it for almost 6 months I am here with the review of the IKEA Järvfjället office chair.

Järvfjället Word Meaning

If you are wondering what Järvfjället means then here it is. Järvfjället is a Swedish word that is the name of a mountain on one of the Swedish Lapland (Lappland).

IKEA Järvfjället Office Chair Features

IKEA is known for making ergonomic office chairs and its popular models include Markus, Alefjall, etc. It came up with an updated version of the Järvfjället office chair with some really effective features and benefits.

Check Out The IKEA Järvfjället Office Chair Here.

Let’s look at the features and benefits of this chair,

Appearance & Design

This is a great-looking swivel office chair that comes in two colors, Grann White and Gloss Black. It has a high back that fits tall and bigger people. This new chair has adjustable armrests that go up and down and slide back and forth.

The headrest is adjustable and can be moved up and down to adjust according to your height. It supports the head and neck well.

The back of the chair is designed like a spine to support and hold your back while you work for long hours. The lumbar support is adjustable and can be set as you change your seating position.

The seat has a sliding mechanism that allows it to move forward and back. The chair is a beast considering it fits people taller than 6 feet. It can hold weight up to 250 lbs or 115 kg.

The breathable mesh fabric on the back of the chair makes it comfortable and allows you to sit for long hours without getting your back wet or hot. The mesh allows air to pass through while you sit on it and thus heat gets dissipated easily.

Built Quality & Material

IKEA Järvfjället is a strong chair made with steel and aluminum and designed to last for a long period. The back frame and bar are made of powder-coated steel. The base of the chair is made from powder-coated aluminum for durability and strength.

The seat base is prepared with wood and PU(Polyurethane) foam is on top of it. The seat fabric is top grain leather contoured at each side to give it a neat finish.

The Armrest is a reinforced polyamide with a rubber pad on top of it. The headrest material is PU foam.


The identity of any good office chair is its ergonomics because it is used approximately 8 hours a day for 5 days continuous in a week. IKEA Järvfjället does impress me with its ergonomic features but still lacks some. Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Lumbar Support

One of the important features of ergonomics is its lumbar support. When somebody sits for long hours in a chair there is a lot of stress on the back that results in back pain.

IKEA Järvfjället has lumbar support that will hold the spine in place and it is adjustable so you can adjust with your movement(sitting upright to reclining). The back of the chair is designed like a spine to give more support to your spine.

2. Armrests

Many chairs ignore the importance of armrests, they not only allow the hand to rest but supports the shoulders.

The adjustable armrests can move up and down so you can adjust them for different usage. The back-and-forth movement of armrests allows you to use them while tilted or in a reclined preposition. This is a major feature that many good chairs miss.

3. Headrest

Another great feature of the IKEA Järvfjället office chair is its adjustable headrest. The headrests support your neck and head.

So if you are working for long hours you don’t feel neck pain and the headrest holds your head in a relaxed position. The tall chair can easily fit people up to 6 feet 2 inches and the adjustable headrest is a bonus for them too. 

4. Seat

The frame of the seat is made from layers of wood glued to each other. The foam on top of the frame is high-quality Polyurethane to give a comfortable experience.

The fabric on the seat is top-grain leather which gives a smooth feel while you sit on it. The seat depth of this chair is adjustable, so you will not face any problems if you are a bigger person.

5. Casters

IKEA Järvfjället office chair has metal casters that are designed to hold weight. One of the best parts of them is the pressure-sensitive locking mechanism.

This technique does not allow the chair to move when you are standing, it locks the casters. But when there is weight on them the lock is automatically released allowing you to move freely.

Size and Shape(Dimension)

It is very important to check the dimensions of the chair. Different purposes require different sizes, here are the sizes for the Järvfjället office chair.

Järvfjället Office Chair Dimension
IKEA Järvfjället Office Chair Dimension

Maximum Height of the Chair from the Ground- 55 Inches (139.7 cm)

Maximum Depth of the Chair- 26 Inches (65 cm)

Normal Depth of the Chair- 18 Inches (45 cm)

Max. seat height of the Chair from the Ground- 22 Inches (55 cm)

Min. seat height of the Chair from the Ground- 17 Inches (43 cm)

Seat width of the Chair- 20 Inches (50 cm)

Chair Width- 26 Inches (65 cm)


If you ask me I will say the Järvfjället office chair is a Value for Money product. It has good ergonomics, adjustable armrests, headrests, durable build quality, extended warranty, and all that at an affordable price of approximately $300

Pros and Cons of IKEA Järvfjället Swivel Office Chair

IKEA Järvfjället is no doubt a quality chair that is suitable for any desk set up whether it’s home, office, or studio. Here are some of its pros and cons after using it for slightly over 6 months.


  • Highly Adjustable Padded Armrests to support shoulder & arms even in a reclined position
  • Adjustable Lumbar support
  • Adjustable Headrest
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Slider Seat that moves forward
  • Fit for Tall and Big People
  • 10 Years of Limited Warranty
  • 180 days of Return and exchange period


  • Recliner tension/resistance is too much(sometimes difficult to handle)
  • The Seat cushion is hard
  • Poor wheel design(doesn’t move when weight is on it and even after release)


IKEA’s Järvfjället office chair is a good option that offers good value for the price. Though, there are some drawbacks to the chair that should be considered before making a purchase.

The chair is comfortable and easy to adjust, and it comes with a variety of features that make it a good choice for quality-conscious shoppers.

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